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    SAo vs. ALO

    March 1, 2014 by Dream Era

    Well, as the 2014 season of Gungale approaches, I think its time to recap on the previous virtual MMOs that made this franchise what it is. With that said, We have SAO vs ALO, so which one is better? well, for this case, i'm looking at the cartoon anime variants, so here we go!


    SAO's Crossing Feilds is a very dark and serious tone, with instruments meant to sink into your bone. It fits the first season well,and the cutscene played during said intro is pretty snazzy. Thing is, its rather dark for an anime like such.

    ALO's Innocence has a much lighter, fast paced rythym, and I found it easier to get accustomed to this song. I could listen to this all day. While Crossing Feild is great for setting the mood, thats all it is. Atmospheric. …

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