Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that special month, April. Why so special? Before I thought about a horrible joke to play on all of you because it’s April 1st, but no one would believe it and it would not have worked, so instead I’ll just skip that part and say, from 1st till 30th it is the SAO Birthday Extravaganza. This month we celebrate all that is SAO with a speech from yours truly, double featured page, and a brand new look (courtesy of MPA and KDTV).  So all this month show your love for the series be it shout-outs in the comment section, Q&A in chat , marathon the whole series, or even just picking up the light novel, in this month we celebrate the series we love (by the way all downers will be evicted). So, now this wikia levels up from ALO stage to GGO stage, in preparation for you know it and have been waiting for it Sword Art Online II. Obviously I could continue, tell you all how I got into the series, which was rather convoluted and interesting, but I’ll hold off on that since I already told that last year. Instead, we look to the future with the series still going strong and the Alicization Arc reaching 5 volumes, the manga soon going onto 3 arcs and multiple spin-offs, and god willing the anime will cover more than just Phantom Bullet, if you don’t know what half the things I said above are; that’s alright this is a wikia we have answers, and spoilers, but mostly answers (I think, Lol). So anyway let’s stop there because I have the attention span of a small animal and you reading (and me writing) anymore would just be annoying and with that I, Dim1 the Overlord, hereby kick-off THE SAO BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!

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