Congratulations, once again and this makes five hundred pages. As the year draws to a close I didn't think we would have to do this till 2014 with the possibility of the second anime season occurring (disclaimer note: the second season hasn't been announced or confirmed in any capacity yet, so if I get people asking "when will the second season come?" in the comments below I'll ban you for an hour, cause the answer is always, "we don't know, but we are optimistic.".). Anyway, that aside, we are half way from our millenium point, a goal that makes a wikia a major wikia in my opinion, and here is to hoping that we reach it in 2016ish, but I digress. I will always be proud of the achievements of this wikia, and with new features being added to pages to increase our effectiveness with the newly introduced image gallery feature, picture people go nuts, but no fan art, we will find you and lecture you until we've brainwashed you if you post fan art in the image galleries. So, in breaking with my praise-statement+statement-statement+threat-statement form that seems to becoming my prose as seen above thanks guys, 500 pages, and here is to 500 more, and as always we hope to remain the no. 1 source of information for Sword Art Online.



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