My speeches in the past haven't been as great as many of you deserved for you work but here is my best shot:

                Well it has been almost 3 years since Sword Art Online was first published as a light novel and well the rise of the era of the Black Swordsman. Honestly, I only found out about Sword Art Online through a signature picture on a forum. I got curious cause it looked interesting and from there I tracked it to a manga which led me to the Light Novel from which I read the entire translated series in the course of 3 days. To be honest I went nuts for the series. Eventually, I went to look up the series on Google and all I saw was the Wikipedia and Baka-Tsuki page, so then I punched in Sword Art Online Wiki and when I first came to this wiki it consisted of 5 pages, which didn’t go further than a sentence per page. After a bit of time I decided to adopt this wiki and that’s how I came to be the great boss. From there with a little coercion and rallying, more people who loved the series they came here to show what they know of the series. From that small underdeveloped wiki we now have a fully function wiki with over 300 pages and dedicated editors who love the series and work to make this wiki the no.1 source of Sword Art Online information. So in celebration of 3 years of SAO and 1 year after the revival of this wiki with the hard work of our contributing staff, especially KDTV who designed the new look for this wiki. Also to Hao-sama , our unbeatable no.1 editor, who made this wiki 5 times better than I ever could when we began.

The theme of this month can be summed up with one phrase:

Happy Birthday SAO!

With Regards,

Dim1, The Liberator

Last Day Closing Speech, lol

The final day of the SAO Birthday Extravaganza has arrived, unfortunately all things must come to an end, but I hope you like our new appearance this wiki has evolved from SAO background to ALO background, and I'm hoping next year that the second season will have aired and we can hold the birthday extravaganza again with a Gungale firefest and new background. Still I would like to thank all those who still work hard to make this site at what I will know will be the first hit when someone punches SAO into google. (And later they'll get Scroogled, but I like to look on the positives). So I leave you with this the release of Alicization Rising means there is still work to do, and with Infinity Moment floating around we'll pick up information about it here and there, so no matter what I'm stuck here and I'm hoping you'll join me cause I'm trapped because I love this series.

Ta, Ta till next time

Dim1, The Overlord.

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