As you have noticed the comment section has exploded, but unfortunately only with content really unrelated to editing and contributing. I mean while I find the enthusiasm great and hope for continued support, the issue has been raised of replacing comments with talk pages, which are meant to improve pages by raising concerns about content and editing. This means no more shout out unfortunately, I will try to come up with an alternative so you can voice your support elsewhere in the wiki should you all agree to give up comments in favor of talk pages.

There are currently 88 registered contributors on this wiki and I would like to know your opinion on this matter before any step is taken that will significantly alter the wiki and its functions. So please give feedback as soon as you can, and a decision will be made based on that feedback, by me and Hao-sama.

Recent Changes:

With that comments are gone unless you get about 30 signatures of registered wiki contributors it is unlikely to comeback sorry and hope you make use of the new feature talk pages to discuss content and editing, if anyone is having trouble contact me and I will help anyway I can

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