SAO contributors,

800! 800! 800! Guess what folks this is farther than I ever imagined when we restarted this wikia, I always thought we would end at ~400 range but you know what the world just loves to prove me wrong, whether it’s in gambling (I’m still lucky I just bet against my better nature), answering questions (it is embarrassing being proven wrong 4 times a month) and wishing for season 3 (we now have to wait for the movie to air till we have any chance of hearing news about season 3). Moving forward:

Rudoph the Red-nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose...

nah I'm not gonna write the whole lyrics (for those that were hoping I recommend bing) but you know what Christmas time is for SAO, a time of boss hunting where you go find a caricature version of santa and slay it.

Well I suppose I could reiterate a few of my past speeches but that would be boring. So instead I devote my time into thinking of what would be a good conversation starter, why do we love SAO? What makes a story of swords, video games, and young romance good? The list could go on and we have conversations on the forum that don’t end. For example, endless conversations about how Kirito and Asuna survived, Yuuki vs Kirito, Aincrad physics, and Kirito x Girl, the amount of time we could go about those things is probably endless but you know love every moment of it, I just like being the sarcastic devil’s advocate (Shame sarcasm doesn’t go over well in text). Anyway this wikia is the work of everyone the mass of people that gather during the anime, the few and zealous that had read the light novel, and the people that chalked out money to buy progressive. The SAO franchise has grown more than when it was just a few books with 2 seasons, 3 light novel series, multiple mangas, 3 video games, and an impending movie. So with that in mind lets charge forth to 1000 pages and then I’ll probably come up with a better speech, probably, maybe, let’s just consider getting to it first.

Grand Overlord of SAO wikia,


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