Ladies and Gentlemen (and Artificial Intelligence)

Well since It's close to Thanksgiving (or it is Thanksgiving in some timezones) I'm proud to announce that we have reached 700 pages as a result of the diligence and hard work of our editing community, with the season about 4/5ths over and one of my favorite arcs currently airing I look forward to when we will close in on 800 pages as an eventuality. With that said, why not end on a joke:

Why did Heathcliff have to go to a blacksmith?

Because he had a holey sword.

(Yeah I know bad joke but you know what if I tried my regular sarcastic, morbid humor it wouldn't be very civil)

Anyway, I just wanted to say I am proud of this wikia, for what we have done, what we have created, from the original 5 pages of vandalism to a wikia that is versatile, comprehensive, and as far as I know the number one source of information for all things Sword Art Online, which has always been the goal we have set out for. Here is till the next time.



The Overlord


I'm probably overlooking something so when someone points it out to me just imagine that I did a facepalm.

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