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  • Dim1

    800 pages speech

    December 13, 2015 by Dim1

    SAO contributors,

    800! 800! 800! Guess what folks this is farther than I ever imagined when we restarted this wikia, I always thought we would end at ~400 range but you know what the world just loves to prove me wrong, whether it’s in gambling (I’m still lucky I just bet against my better nature), answering questions (it is embarrassing being proven wrong 4 times a month) and wishing for season 3 (we now have to wait for the movie to air till we have any chance of hearing news about season 3). Moving forward:

    Rudoph the Red-nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose...

    nah I'm not gonna write the whole lyrics (for those that were hoping I recommend bing) but you know what Christmas time is for SAO, a time of boss hunting where you go find a caricat…

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  • Dim1

    Ladies and Gentlemen (and Artificial Intelligence)

    Well since It's close to Thanksgiving (or it is Thanksgiving in some timezones) I'm proud to announce that we have reached 700 pages as a result of the diligence and hard work of our editing community, with the season about 4/5ths over and one of my favorite arcs currently airing I look forward to when we will close in on 800 pages as an eventuality. With that said, why not end on a joke:

    Why did Heathcliff have to go to a blacksmith?

    Because he had a holey sword.

    (Yeah I know bad joke but you know what if I tried my regular sarcastic, morbid humor it wouldn't be very civil)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I am proud of this wikia, for what we have done, what we have created, from the original 5 p…

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  • Dim1

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that special month, April. Why so special? Before I thought about a horrible joke to play on all of you because it’s April 1st, but no one would believe it and it would not have worked, so instead I’ll just skip that part and say, from 1st till 30th it is the SAO Birthday Extravaganza. This month we celebrate all that is SAO with a speech from yours truly, double featured page, and a brand new look (courtesy of MPA and KDTV).  So all this month show your love for the series be it shout-outs in the comment section, Q&A in chat , marathon the whole series, or even just picking up the light novel, in this month we celebrate the series we love (by the way all downers will be evicted). So, now this wikia levels up from A…

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  • Dim1

    Congratulations, once again and this makes five hundred pages. As the year draws to a close I didn't think we would have to do this till 2014 with the possibility of the second anime season occurring (disclaimer note: the second season hasn't been announced or confirmed in any capacity yet, so if I get people asking "when will the second season come?" in the comments below I'll ban you for an hour, cause the answer is always, "we don't know, but we are optimistic.".). Anyway, that aside, we are half way from our millenium point, a goal that makes a wikia a major wikia in my opinion, and here is to hoping that we reach it in 2016ish, but I digress. I will always be proud of the achievements of this wikia, and with new features being added t…

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  • Dim1

    Well if you don't know already I give speeches every 100 pages or so, and if you are here now that means you get to hear my latest attempt at sounding inspiring, or sarcastic. You can't really be sarcastic typing but I think most people try anyway. Speech inbound:

    I had a dream in where I can get online and find out all I ever wanted about SAO. One day I became admin adopting this wikia from its horrible state, with the hope of achieving that dream. I inherited what was originally our great and ancient founder Lobkestar. Sadly I was a noob editor and had no clue how to edit code. So I did the sensible thing I went to every SAO related website and recruited help, and I hit jackpot when a certain editor came from the Magical Index wiki to hel…

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