• BishiePantsu

    SAO Light Novel

    August 5, 2012 by BishiePantsu

    If I told you that Sword Art Online crossed Tower of Druaga with dot Hack, what are the odds that you’ll go read it? Zero? Or zero?

    Well, that would be a mistake. Sword Art Online (via Baka-Tsuki) is an enjoyable read. In a nutshell, it is part Tower of Druaga. No, no, don’t run away. The main setting is a huge 100 story tower that needs to be climbed, with each floor presenting unique challenges. Inside this tower resides the 10,000 poor individuals who shunned World of Warcraft for Star Trek Online. Err… Sword Art Online, an MMORPG that requires a Ghost in the Shell-ish interface to play. Unfortunately, these 10,000 souls are now trapped inside the game and can only escape via the 100th floor. Sword Art Online then follows the protagonist…

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  • BishiePantsu

    SAO 1, 2

    August 1, 2012 by BishiePantsu

    I’m quite a big fan of the Sword Art Online light novels. How well does the anime adapt it?

    Not bad. The interesting thing about the light novels is that the first book features Asuna and Kirito is basically a huge buffet of surprises. It’s like going to a Chinese buffet and seeing frog legs… but they taste like sweat and sour pork. And the sweat and sour pork tastes like ice cream. And the ice cream, well, that’s a mystery. The second volume then goes back fills in side stories featuring Kirito’s harem. Based on the preview for episode three, it looks like the anime is going chronological.

    The animation by A-1 is pretty good and on-par or better than Sunrise’s Accel World (with much better character design than Accel World), and the fight s…

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