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  • Billyskabananalord

    So im pretty sure alot of people have heard the news of there going to be a Sword Art Online game for the PSP.

    Im just quite curious on how this is going to work because from what I have heard you are going to get to play as Kirito and Asuna yet there is muliple endings and a different story line.

    As excited as I am for this seeing as it is SAO I am just curious if they have thought this through enough because for example the Game of thrones role-playing game had the same aproach as this and that game failed on so many levels.

    I mean I would love for the SAO game to be good however seeing as they are making it for the PSP I am a little bit worried that it will not be as good as it could be.

    Dont get me wrong some PSP games are quite good and h…

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