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  • Beater199

    SAO Infinity Moment

    October 21, 2012 by Beater199

    Banpresto is making a video game based on the Sword Art Online anime series. While "online" is in the title, Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment plays kind of like .hack since its a faux-MMORPG.

    The story begins when 75 floors in Aincrad, a floating castle that is one of the main dungeons in the Sword Art Online universe, are affected by a mysterious system error. It seems that this bug wants to capture Aincrad’s remaining 25 floors. Aincrad is a mess with boss monsters like the level 90 Zakochar on the wrong floor.

    You control Kirito in the game and can customize his battle skills to suit the player. He can equip different weapons like a one handed sword, dual blades, axes, knives, and rapiers. Each weapon has different Sword Skills to learn …

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  • Beater199

    I was searching for pictures of "sword art online" and i found this this is a picture of a game based on sword art online .Its title is sword art online infinity moment is this true?

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