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  • B00m666

    Seven october is Kirito's official birthday :D

    Everyone, have some cake *hands over cake*

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  • B00m666

    Sword Art Online - Special Episode - Extra Edition The special episode will air on December 31st on Tokyo MX

    Outline: (Translated from official site: ~ To fulfill Yui's wish of seeing a whale, Kirito accepts a underwater quest, but they find out that Leefa - Suguha has a difficult time dealing with water. Therefore, Asuna and the girls starts swimming trainings for Suguha. Meanwhile, Kirito comes in contact with someone...

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  • B00m666

    Happy Bday Asuna

    October 2, 2013 by B00m666

    Nobody made one about it,so i shall do it :D

    As most have already seen: 30 sept 2007 is Asuna's birthday (When she was born) So she just became 6 years old 

    Hooray for young Asuna^^


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