This is my very first blog and as you know I'm still trying to get used to this, that's enough chit chat and straight to the point............ if you notice that some people gaming are for boys and its just a game or its a little made up graphics in a screen.... and its a waste of our time.....well in life... there are things happening around us....things that we wont understand and sometimes we need to block out the world and be in our own little world were we can escape reality...and some people game for reasons were other people wont be able to understand. when I first discovered about sword art online and when I also found out the SAO game I was surprised that you can actually get the game. when I watched SAO I really loved how they did the graphics and characters, while I was watching the anime I suddenly felt like BAM!HERE COMES THE FEELS! I literally couldn't be so warmed and touched up, I know this will sound crazy but while I was watching the anime I felt like I was actually in the anime like I was in my own little world just blocking out reality. Now that I heard about the actual game like the virtual world of SAO I was thinking to myself and I really wised I had the game and its not because I like its it's also because I want to experience a virtual world, I want to have the experience like Asuna, and I never want to see reality again.

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