I am so excited for episode II today and I just had to post about it. 

I'm one of the less fortunate SAO fans, who can't buy the whole new season online, or buy the light novels right now because of insufficent funds. But, I can wait. I mean its tortorous, but I can wait. Episode I was a little bland, but I understand it's the first episode, it's gotta introduce a new scenario and foreshadow things to come. 

I love everything about this anime, including its benefifical attributes for me personally. For example, it's another thing that I've found in common with my little brother. He's almost 4 years younger than me, and we don't really get along, we've always argued and avoided each other. He's super into gaming, and always on his Xbox. So it's hard for me to connect with him unless I'm in his room with him talking to him about games or playing games with him 24/7, 365. Not that I dislike video games, because I don't dislike them. I really like video games, but not necessarily as hard core of a "like" as my little brother, and not the same genre/kind of games he likes to play. Besides SAO, Asa and I have bonded with The Walking Dead. I think it's really cool that we can connect for once, and hopefully one day we'll get even closer - without needing the help of tv shows or games, etc. Or hey, even if that were to be our only common ground...I'd be okay with it, but I think we can find more things. :)

Another brief explaination of a benefit SAO has had for me: 

Connecting more with my boyfriend. We're a long distance couple. And we've started using video chat, along with already texting and calling each other every night/ everyday, and we've started watching anime together. We both start at 00:00 and say "GO!" or ...our code word has become "linka! starta!" haha. XD

Anyways this is it for today. :)

Just felt like making a blog post. 



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