Season two is over !

So I just watched Episode 24.

It was amazing and I loved the Mother's Rosario arc, a lot. It is sad to have lost yet another beloved character. I found it interesting that Yuuki - San and Asuna - San were like sisters, and yet Asuna's last name was Yuuki's first name. I thought that was a fascinating way to name the character and make their relationship/friendship more intricate. This anime shows so many internal battles, fought by the characters, more than external. For me this anime displays that inner strength is within us all but we just have to discover it. It can be done. I know, I myself, don't see the true potential of my inner strength but this anime gives me hope that I will discover it. I've loved Sword Art Online from the start. At first I didn't like the introduction of new characters, I preferred that Lisbeth, Asuna, Silica, Klein, Suguha, and Kirito all stay together in their group secluded in ALO. But then Sinon joined them, and Yuuki.  I grew so found of Yuuki, and then she was killed off. I think that I will cherish new characters now that I don't know for sure that they will stick around. Every episode of SAO has made me want to read the manga even more than I originally wanted to. I also want to buy SAO seasons I and II on DVD, to keep and watch whenever I want to. Over and over and over again. 

I hope there is a season 3, I know all the SAO fans kind of assume there will be one, but you never know.

Kind of like what Dim1 said on the homepage of the SAO wiki. 

The date of the next season will be announced if there is a date. 

Anyways, that is all for this post. (:

R.I.P. Yuuki - San

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