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  • Aikaamaya

    Activity in the chatroom

    January 14, 2015 by Aikaamaya

    To be honest I wish this chatroom was more active. The more of an otaku I become, which has largely increased since the beginning of my watching SAO, the more I crave otaku friends. I just miss fangirling and discussing anime with someone. I don't really have anyone I can discuss it with. .-.

    ~ Just my random thought of the day ~

    I hope everyone is having a fantastic week and a great start to 2015. 

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  • Aikaamaya

    SEASON 3?!!!!

    January 6, 2015 by Aikaamaya


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  • Aikaamaya

    SAO II

    December 21, 2014 by Aikaamaya

    So I just watched Episode 24.

    It was amazing and I loved the Mother's Rosario arc, a lot. It is sad to have lost yet another beloved character. I found it interesting that Yuuki - San and Asuna - San were like sisters, and yet Asuna's last name was Yuuki's first name. I thought that was a fascinating way to name the character and make their relationship/friendship more intricate. This anime shows so many internal battles, fought by the characters, more than external. For me this anime displays that inner strength is within us all but we just have to discover it. It can be done. I know, I myself, don't see the true potential of my inner strength but this anime gives me hope that I will discover it. I've loved Sword Art Online from the start.…

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  • Aikaamaya

    SAO II: EP 2

    July 12, 2014 by Aikaamaya

    I am so excited for episode II today and I just had to post about it. 

    I'm one of the less fortunate SAO fans, who can't buy the whole new season online, or buy the light novels right now because of insufficent funds. But, I can wait. I mean its tortorous, but I can wait. Episode I was a little bland, but I understand it's the first episode, it's gotta introduce a new scenario and foreshadow things to come. 

    I love everything about this anime, including its benefifical attributes for me personally. For example, it's another thing that I've found in common with my little brother. He's almost 4 years younger than me, and we don't really get along, we've always argued and avoided each other. He's super into gaming, and always on his Xbox. So it's…

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  • Aikaamaya

    Fan Art !

    July 11, 2014 by Aikaamaya

    This is some fan art I've done.

    I will add to this post, seeing as right now there is only one piece of fan art I have ever done.

    I made this in my drawing class this past school year, my junior year (2013 - 2014) and it's not my best but I am proud of it. 

    Feel free to tell me what you think of it, again let's remember it's not my best and I'm not Picasso nor Van Gogh.

    Notes on picture/fan art below:

    I cleaned it up a leeetle bit on a photo editor app, and I realize Asuna's hair looks orange, but that is because I used marker for her hair, and I couldn't find the caramelly color of marker her hair is. 

    I based this picture on the scene after the last floor of Aincrad is cleared and SAO is won by Kirito after he is killed, and kills Kayaba Ahiki…

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