Well, I made a crystal.


  • Length: ~1.25 inches
  • Width: ~2.25 inches
  • Height: ~2.8 inches

«Medium»: Stoneware clay (may have recycled clay in there as well, I'm not sure)

«Technique»: Rolled a slab and cut out dimensions. Hand-scraped with flat edge loop tools and needle tool.

«Time»: About 4 class periods (and 1 advocacy period) ~ 5 hours plus sitting time for "leather-hard" (clay hardness at which the piece/sculpture won't deform when handled, but can still be manipulated to a degree).

The main prism shall be painted (glazed) blue for the Teleport Crystal. And, obviously, the base will be painted gray (silver if my Ceramics teacher has it).

Here's the next phase... painted, but not yet fired. Still not done painting, as I intend to coat the crystal (blue) with another coat of blue. The gray parts also need another coat to prevent showing the clay underneath.
Final phase before firing. Added a darker coat of blue. Awaiting what random mix of blue I get from the mixing of two blue glaze coats...
Finally, it has been cooked! Shiny, but the crystal turned a darker shade of blue than I had expected... Too bad the Teleport chant didn't work... though good and bad at the same time.
Short story:

"転移: 始まりの町!" (Ten'i: Hajimari no Machi // Teleport: Starting City)

A great blue light envelops Kai, and his body feels weightless. I never expected the teleport to actually work!!!"

The light faded away after a few seconds, but Kai stayed somewhat weightless. However, there was no street or even the sight he expected to see from the scene of Episode 1 of SAO, the one when Kirito first entered the official release of the game that shared the name with the anime. Instead, there was a great panorama of gray. It seemed like Kai was trapped in a gray cylinder of sorts.

"What the..." Kai turned around to notice a timer.

«Attempting to Connect to Server... Please Stand By!»

Kai felt his heart skip a few beats. "Stuck in limbo... for this long?"


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