My time at what I have called home for the past 4 years is drawing to a close. Beginning Sunday, September 21, 2014, my new home will be University of California - San Diego, in the town of La Jolla. "A fifteen minute walk to the beach", they say, even though the seaside is actually on campus.

Anyways, the main topic wasn't about me looking back for 4 years and wondering about college, it's what I will be bringing with me.

This is the «Excelsis», and the first of my creation to be brought into the world known as «Reality». Long, beginning my time in Kindergarten, I would create, draw things because I had that tangible object. However, beginning this summer of 2014, I was thrust upon the Ultimate Paper Sword Tutorial by Returacan. Then, most of my time has been consumed with making these paper crafts, totalling 9 blades and 1 handgun. 2 of those blades were sent away, one as a gift and the other as merchandise.

«Excelsis» is special in the fact that it was the first conceived through a graphite drawing, and has now transcended the 2-D, and has become 3-D through the blood and sweat of my hands. This project has taken me 3 days to complete. However, despite this being my 9th blade to have been created using Returacan-sensei's method, I am as elated as I was back when I created «Elucidator v1».

Once you create a concept; a drawing or small model, you want the life-sized object inside your hand. What about Reki? If he hadn't already, what if he held the Elucidator inside his hands, whether it was "高P"'s Elucidator or Man-at-Arm's Elucidator? He'd definitely be more happy than if he just saw a picture of someone holding it.

That being said, I want to thank my teacher, Returacan, for teaching me with a two-hour tutorial; the SAO Light Novels author Kawahara Reki for getting me more interested in swords, and ultimately urging me to come up with this design; and to a more literal level, to Lisbeth for crafting this sword for me for my story persona.

«Excelsis»: the «end equipment» of Kai in Truth and Ideals.

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