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  • My occupation is not fun, that's for sure.
  • I am an attack helicopter.
  • 1caiser

    My Take on Unique Skills

    January 28, 2015 by 1caiser

    Hello, name's 1caiser, a mostly on-hiatus editor on the SAO Wiki

    As some of you know (or don't), I am currently working on an SAO fanfiction, focusing on an OC and bypassing Heathcliff's defeat on the 75th Floor via the outcome that is shown in Infinity Moment / Hollow Fragment.

    So, since I'm headed to the 90th Floor, I compiled a list of the 10 possible Unique Skills. They all act according to the natures of the «Unique Skill» as Kawahara Reki had described them—being overpowered while still being able to be beaten. In all, here are the 6 «Canon Unique Skills» (with the unknown-effect ones with original effects), plus 4 completely original effects (except for the last one).

    Allows the user to wield two primary weapons, and gives access to «D…

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  • 1caiser

    My time at what I have called home for the past 4 years is drawing to a close. Beginning Sunday, September 21, 2014, my new home will be University of California - San Diego, in the town of La Jolla. "A fifteen minute walk to the beach", they say, even though the seaside is actually on campus.

    Anyways, the main topic wasn't about me looking back for 4 years and wondering about college, it's what I will be bringing with me.

    This is the «Excelsis», and the first of my creation to be brought into the world known as «Reality». Long, beginning my time in Kindergarten, I would create, draw things because I had that tangible object. However, beginning this summer of 2014, I was thrust upon the Ultimate Paper Sword Tutorial by Returacan. Then, most…

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  • 1caiser

    Truth and Ideals
    Written by Kai Socrius
    Screenplay by Kai Socrius

    This screenplay is an adaption of Chapter 1 of my story, Truth and Ideals. This assignment was originally written for my school's Creative Writing class.

    I thought I'd share it here. Feel free to leave a comment, and enjoy reading how my Chapter 1 would have looked if it were animated.


    Leather boots amble toward the left atop a wooden stage against the rock wall of a cave. The boots then turn toward the camera, which pans up to reveal a man of Hispanic descent in his mid-twenties, POH. His hair and eyes are covered by a hood, and a tattered cloak rests on his shoulders. He addresses a congregation of players before him.


    Players... I …

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  • 1caiser

    Kai の日本語 - 第三週

    February 14, 2014 by 1caiser

    « To Week 2 ---- To Week _ »

    Disclaimer: "Kai's Japanese Lessons", along with later "Nihongo Lessons," is not endorsed by an educational supervisor. This form of "education" will not be eligible for school transcripts, etc.

    Note: Reading this blog will not, in any way, help you understand the SAO wiki more than you can. However, it may help you define some Japanese terms written with the .

    • [][は][きい]
    • Trees are big.

    Here is a slightly longer sentence:

    • [][は][][を][][でき][][を][っている]
    • [I][は][armor][を][cut][can][sword][を][to possess (at the moment)]
    • I have a sword that can cut [through] armor.

    Of course, you can have really long sentences that are composed of many nouns, verbs, and particles...

    • Text: そして恐ろしいことは、オンラインRPG世界では、その程度の数字は«ちょいちょい発生しちゃう事象»なのだ。
    • Sent…

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  • 1caiser

    SacAnime Winter 2014

    January 5, 2014 by 1caiser

    Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.

    Apparently, this wasn't my first SacAnime. However, it was the first SacAnime I have been to to actually see «panels» and other festivities, rather than hang around the «Vendor's Hall». How about a breakdown of what I had done...?

    So I woke up at around 8:00am PST, knowing that that was the original time to leave for SacAnime. But, my brothers (2 of them) were still asleep, and I had to wake up the Driver (older brother) and inform him of the time so we could get a move-on. We were all ready, with my older brother in a male Ashford Academy uniform (Code Geass).

    It took about half-an-hour to get to Downtown Sacramento, to the Sheraton Grand Hotel and Sacramento Convention Center (1400 J St.). We found a pa…

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