Tremble Shortcake (トレンブル・ショートケーキ, Torenburu Shōtokēki?) is a food item in Sword Art Online that is offered in a secluded, unnamed NPC restaurant in the northeast corner of Urbus on the 2nd Floor of Aincrad.


The sponge cake has a radius of eighteen centimeters and a height of eight centimeters. It is made of the Trembling Cow's milk and over a liter of cream. The inside is arranged in four layers: sponge, strawberry-flavored cream, sponge, and strawberry-flavored cream. A bright red strawberry sits on the top of it.[1] The cake is considered to be extremely delicious and is thus very expensive, exceeding the price of the three main dishes of Kirito and Asuna's dinner at the same restaurant combined.[1]


The cake provides fifteen minutes of the "Luck" buff as a side effect.[1]


  • The "short" in "Shortcake" does not actually refer to the size of the cake. "Shortcake" originally meant a cake that is crispy, but the word loses its meaning in Japanese, as Japanese make such cakes out of a soft spongy base, while the original American cakes were made out of a foundation that was similar to biscuits. The Aincrad's version of the cake uses a spongy base as well.[1]
  • The word "Tremble" in the cake's name most likely refers to the Trembling Cow, which produces the milk used for the cake.[1]



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