• I'm wanting to know where I might be able to get it... I'm really waniting to play it! Thank you for your 2 minutes waisted of your life... and more... and more... ya know what... im just gonna finish...

    AND MORE! XD sorry!

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    • Are you talking about Swird Art Online : lost song? If you were then just go to amazon or other online shop or try your luck on local store. If you are talking about sword art online : infinity moment then it is only available on PSP(pardon me if it is also available on PS vita, but it is definely not available on PS3). If you are talking about sword art online : Holow Fragment then it is available on PS vita only. If you are talking about sword art online : Re hollow fragment then it is only available on PS4 only. If you are talking about sword art online : Hollow Realization then it is only available on PS4 and PS vita.(they said that will released at 27 october 2016). And you won't find the anime series on PS3 :)

      Conclution: sword art online lost song is the only sword art online game available on PS3.

      Now, come back to your question. I can't give you any appropiate answer because your question itself is unclear/uncomplete.

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    • Double post : oh, and please when you want to ask question(s), please give some detail so we can answer your question accurately without explaining every possible answer for your question (like my answer).

      Not sure if this sentence is the best to discribe my thought.

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    • Okay. Sorry I'm new to this kind of thing and I was refering to Lost Song. But thank you for telling me these things! I really appreciate it!

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    • Glad can help you

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    • A FANDOM user
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