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Page title upgrade

  • C9's suggestion:

    "can we do something to our CSS so that when browsing an article, the title of the page would look like an SAO menu item or such? see榛名 as an example"

    TUSF said something about this, but I think he forgot about this by now, so bringing the idea back from the dead.

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    • I think if we did try to adapt that style it would turn out more like the marvel wikia characters due to the amount of content on some pages, I mean that example is small in content and in a different language so I can't really say, but if we are serious about making it we would need a few prototypes of various character pages.


      Kirito - flagship (multiple games)

      Konno Yuuki - major-onetime character (single game)

      Nurse Aki - non-player

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    • Dim... Please read the topic. This suggestion specifically talks about the page TITLE only. For the title, the amount of content on the page doesn't really matter.

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    • Okay I'm a little lost cause the page is in Japanese, you want it to look like a trading card thing? Well like I said in the past 3 threads this isn't my area, it is TUSF or KDTV, best I can say is maybe. An example of this title in action on the wikia would help my understanding cause I'm seeing 3 possible things that you could be referring to as "title upgrade"

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    • and i dont get how would it look like marvel wikia...

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    • @Dim

      1. Do you know what a PAGE TITLE is? It's the thing at the top of the page that says what the topic of the page is. You know, like the big line that says "Kirito" on Kirito's page?
      2. That's Chinese, not Japanese, since it's zh.

      @C9 He meant "too flashy". I doubt that he gave the marvel wiki a look before he made that comparison.

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    • I meant this wikia:

      @C9 it is irrelevant.

      @Gsi I don't see how it could be considered an upgrade it would just look different.

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    • It would be an "upgrade" because it would look more aesthetic than just plain text.

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    • If we made that aesthetic change, then the other pages that have similar layouts, weapons, guilds, etc. may need changes and that adds more. Also I don't think it will blend well since we have the spoiler warnings and other add ons at the top.

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    • 1. the change would affect all kind of pages, 2. the change would not take up additional space there

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    • Alright I just can't visualize the change in my head very well with the other features on our page clashing with it, so make a prototype and we will hold a debate about whether we will make the change.

      Use Recon he is the wikias guinea pig.

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    • Ah, I remember this. The thing that wiki has on their page is basically just a background image for the ".WikiaPageHeader h1" CSS rule. (an "h1" tag, inside of a "WikiaPageHeader" class

      Dim, Gsi is talking exclusively about the Title at the top of the page, with the ribbon type of image behind the page title. The suggestion is to get something like that on this wiki, in the style that fits the wiki.

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    • @Dim We can't make a prototype, as this change will automatically affect EVERY page. And there's really no problem of clashing or anything, because the title is always above everything else.

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      something like this. (Using some third party tools, and style from zh kancolle wiki, to preview the change

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    • Alright make the change, if we like it then we can keep it if not we remove it. also I'll make a thread to monitor if the change affects users adversely like I did with the Yui cursor.

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    • do anyone has a picture to put behind the names?

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    • A Fandom user
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