• Post below if you would like to sign up for any of the available jobs. If you want your registration to be considered post in the following format:

    Requesting format:
     {{Jobs Register 
    |scope = Project/Jobs 
    |jobname = 
    |head = <username> 
    |activity =  
    Requested by ~~~. 
    Notes on filling up the form above: #Copy all the codes above without changing anything, include the signature code. #Choose one from the choices given on the Scope section. #For the Job Head section, replace <username> tag with the Job Head's Username. #When the proposed activity (Activity section) you are giving are more than one, please manually number them and separate each point using a <br/> HTML tag.
    Please see the example's source code below for reference.
    1. Fill every details according to what you are registering. All fields are required.
      Any request that fails to fill all the fields will be ignored.

      If you maintain a good attitude towards the admins and community, don't vandalize, and show your competence in doing that job you should always be accepted.
      Please note that this thread is used to register yourself to an existing project or job, not assigning or requesting for a position in a project or jobs!

      Important Note: #If a project or job already has too many members, any further request to that job or project will be declined directly by the Administrator. This policy is taken to keep efficiency on a project. Having too many members on a job tends to make the project progress slower rather than having a limited number of members. When this event occurs, I humbly apologize for the inconvenience.
    2. Please mind for a project or job with "Upon Invitation Only" remarks. It is indicating that the project or job is an exclusive job, and thus not opened for registration here. Please directly request for registration to the project head, and wait for the invitation to be formally sent. Any registration forms for those closed projects on here will be deleted.
    3. Please note that once a decision has been made on your application, the application will be deleted within 7 days. You will be messaged on whether or not you have received the job. This pages for sign up only.
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