Security and GMsEdit

Better security? What about when a GM keeps you from logging out on your own?... Only way to return to real world is by having someone remove your head gear, but in the mean time the GM can do anything they want to people. That's why I always believed that GMs, or people with similar rights, should be monitored by an accounting system with higher rights or by a board of people review their actions.

Nothing of the sorts has happened with the AmuSphere. If you are refering to Oberon and how he prevented his test subjects, including Asuna and Kirito, from logging out, then you should know that all of them were using the outdated NerveGear, which did not have improved security, at the time. If they had used an AmuSphere instead, nothing of the sort would be possible.Gsimenas (talk) 17:15, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

Real Game? Edit

Hi. Im really curious about this "amushpere" who is developing the AmuSphere as of right now? Will the actual SAO game come along too? I hope so and i hope its just like the anime as well. :(