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There are many weapons, mostly swords, that have appeared in the series. Some of them are significant to the plot of some stories.

According to Kayaba Akihiko, there were about two to three thousand different weapons prepared for each weapon category in Sword Art Online.[1] Eighty percent of these weapons were unique weapons with their own names.

Known WeaponsEdit

These are the known weapons in the Sword Art Online series.

Sword Art OnlineEdit


  • «Anneal Blade» - A one-handed straight sword that can be obtained as a reward from the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» quest. Kirito possessed an enhanced «Anneal Blade +6», which was later enhanced to an «Anneal Blade +8» on the 3rd Floor during the events of Concerto of Black and White.
  • «Bronze Sword» - A weapon sold at Horunka Village.[2]
  • «Chivalric Rapier» - A rapier obtained by Asuna on the 3rd Floor. The rapier was forged from an Argentium Ingot by an NPC smith.[3]
  • «Dark Repulser» - White sword forged by Lisbeth for Kirito. It is equal if not better than the Elucidator. It was boosted to +40 by Lisbeth.
  • «Elucidator» - A black sword wielded by Kirito. It was considered one of the few demonic swords that can be obtained through monster drops. It was boosted to +45 by Lisbeth.
  • «Elven Stout Sword» - A sword carried by Fallen Elf Warriors on the fourth floor.[4]
  • «Guard's Rapier» - A rapier one rank beneath the «Wind Fleuret».[5]
  • «Guilty Thorn» - A spear created by Grimlock. It was the weapon used to fake Caynz's death.
  • «Iron Rapier» -  A store-bought rapier used by Asuna to solo dangerous dungeons.
  • «Karakurenai» - A katana owned by Klein.
  • «Lambent Light» - A rapier used by Asuna. It was boosted to +32 by Lisbeth.
  • «Liberator» - A one-handed straight sword and kite shield owned by Heathcliff.
  • «Pale Edge» - A scimitar used by Lind.[6]
  • «Plain Rapier» - An initial weapon for players.[3]
  • «Queen's Knightsword» - A one-handed straight sword that can be obtained as a reward for a quest on the 9th Floor.[7] Kirito acquired it after completing the Elf War campaign.
  • «Small Sword» - An initial weapon for players.[2][3]
  • «Stout Brand» - A broadsword used by Shivata.[8] It was later stolen from its owner due to an enhancement fraud, and sold by Nezha.
  • «Tyrant Dragon» - A heavily decorated two-handed straight sword owned by Kuradeel. Due to its low durability the sword can be easily broken.
  • «Wind Fleuret» - A rare rapier used by Asuna early in SAO, replacing her initial sword. Asuna possessed an enhanced «Wind Fleuret +4». It was later nearly lost due to a malicious enhancing scheme, but was retrieved thanks to Kirito's efforts.


  • Eating Knife - A thrusting weapon. Can cause around 2-3 points of damage.[9]
  • «Ebon Dagger» - A dagger used by Silica. It was given to her by Kirito.
  • «Ground Gorge» - A two-handed axe used by Agil.[10]
  • «Harsh Hatchet» - A one-handed axe used by Morte.[11]
  • «Mate Chopper» - A rare, monster-dropped, large dagger owned by PoH.[12] The weapon is said to be powerful enough to easily pass through full plate armour.
  • «Shadow Dagger»[10]
  • «Sword Breaker» - An ordinary straight dagger with a saw-shaped back portion that increases the chance of destroying the opponent's weapon when parrying.[13]
  • «Throwing Pick» - A small, easily concealed, ranged weapon.

ALfheim OnlineEdit



  • «Crest of Yggdrasil» - A two-handed staff owned by Asuna. It was given to her after Kirito broke a branch from the World Tree. The staff's stats matches a legendary-class weapon.
  • «Light Bow Shekinah» - A legendary weapon that Sinon wanted due to it having a longer range than the bow she used during the events of Calibur. She later acquired it before the events of chromatic colors.
  • «Lightning Hammer Mjölnir» - A legendary hammer that is rewarded to players who decide to defeat Thrym with the help of Freyja. It was rewarded to Klein, who decided to give it to Lisbeth.

Gun Gale OnlineEdit


  • «Accuracy International L115A3» - A high-level sniper rifle with a built-in silencer acquired by Sterben through a real money transaction. Used during the 3rd Bullet of Bullets to stun Death Gun's targets and destroyed by Sinon.
  • «ArmaLite AR17»[15] - A shotgun used by Pale Rider during the Bullet of Bullets.
  • «Calico M900A»[16] - A light machine gun used by Yamikaze during the Bullet of Bullets.
  • «Enfield» - A light machine gun used by Usujio Tarako.
  • «FN Five-Seven» - A semi-automatic handgun purchased by Kirito. Used during the preliminaries of the Bullet of Bullets to catch Uemaru off-guard and during the actual tournament to disrupt Sterben's Metamaterial Optical Camouflage Mantle's effect.
  • «FN SCAR»[17] - A carbine rifle used by Stinger during the preliminaries of the Bullet of Bullets.
  • «GE M134 Minigun» - used by Behemoth to devastate Dyne's squadron.
  • «H&K G3A3»[18] - A battle rifle used by Uemaru during the preliminaries of the Bullet of Bullets.
  • «H&K UMP»[19] - A live-ammunition type submachine gun used by Ginrou during the attack on Behemoth's squadron.
  • «Jatimatic»[15] - A compact submachine gun used by Shishigane during the Bullet of Bullets.
  • «M14EBR» - An enhanced battle rifle used by Musketeer X during the Bullet of Bullets.
  • «M4 Carbine» - Used by Arashi during the assault on Behemoth's squadron.
  • «Norinco CQ»[15] - An assault rifle used by Kakouton during the Bullet of Bullets.
  • «PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II» - A high-level sniper rifle acquired by Sinon from a boss drop in a dungeon under SBC Glocken. Used during the Bullet of Bullets to destroy Sterben's Silent Assassin.
  • «Procyon SL» - An optical, fully automatic handgun. A real-life model was sent to Sinon as a reward for her placement in the 2nd Bullet of Bullets and used by her to distract Shinkawa Kyouji after the third tournament.
  • «SIG SG550»[19] - A rare assault rifle used by Dyne during the ambush on Behemoth's squadron and during the Bullet of Bullets.
  • «Type 54 "Black Star"» - A handgun used by Sinon in real life to protect herself and her mother from a bank robber. Used by Sterben as his «Death Pistol» in emulation of Sinon's actions and destroyed by Kirito during the Bullet of Bullets.
  • «Vickers» - A high-firepower heavy machine gun used by Lion King Richie during the Bullet of Bullets.
  • XM29[20] - An extremely rare assault rifle used by XeXeeD during the 2nd Bullet of Bullets.


  • «Kagemitsu G4» - A «Photon Sword», capable of intercepting bullets and is light weight. It costs 150,000 credits.
  • Starship Metal Estoc - Refers to a weapon forged, using the crafting skill, from the metal of a starship. It is strong enough to deflect Kagemitsu G4 and overwhelm Kirito. It was owned by Sterben.

Project AlicizationEdit




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