GGO is the fourth episode of the Sword Art Online II anime adaptation, as well as the fourth episode in the Phantom Bullet Arc. It aired on July 26, 2014.


Kirito inspecting his appearance in GGO

Kirito inspecting his appearance in GGO

After logging in to Gun Gale Online, Kirito found himself within the capital city SBC Glocken. To his surprise, he ended up with a very feminine avatar. A man walked up to him, asking Kirito to sell him his account for 2 mega credits, believing it was an F1300 character model, which happened to be rare. After confirming that he did not end up with a female character, Kirito explained that he was actually a guy. The man then realized that Kirito's character model was actually an M9000 type, which was even more rare, and offered 5 mega credits for the account. However, Kirito replied that due to the fact that his account was converted, it would not be so easily sold. Kirito continued to wander the city, searching for the registration for the Bullet of Bullets tournament to attract the attention of Death Gun.

Kirito's reaction to Sinon's advice for his weapons

Kirito's reaction to Sinon's advice for his weapons

After hopelessly navigating the city, Kirito decided to ask a person he noticed for directions. However, he was surprised when the person turned out to be a girl, named Sinon. Mistaking Kirito for another girl player and empathizing with "her" as a beginner female, Sinon showed Kirito the way to a general gun store. She asked Kirito what his main statistics were, to which he replied that his main stat would be strength, followed by agility. Sinon started recommending either a heavy assault rifle or a large caliber machine gun primary with a handgun as a secondary weapon, thus confusing the gun illiterate Kirito. But then Sinon remembered that Kirito had just converted, thus she asked him how much money he had. As Kirito did not have enough money, having only the default amount of 1,000 credits, Sinon offered to lend him money, but he refused and asked if there was a way to earn a lot money, so Sinon told him that the only way to do so without a weapon was to go to a casino and the gambling games.


The Untouchable! game with the current credit pool.

Sinon showed Kirito the gambling game Untouchable!. Sinon explained that the objective was to move down a walkway while dodging the bullets shot towards the player and ultimately tag the gunman. She added that the game was impossible to win because once the eight-meter line was crossed, the gunman starts doing cheap shots and thus the Bullet Lines would be barely seen before the bullet was already about to hit its target due to distance. Sinon and Kirito, along with a small crowd, then watched as a person with a blue camo outfit entered the arena, only to fail at tagging the gunman. Sinon told Kirito that the difficulty with the game was that one could not move far to the left or right, so moving down the middle was the only option.

Kirito avoiding the NPC gunman's fire

Kirito playing the Untouchable! game

Kirito decided to go in afterwards, using the knowledge gained from watching the person before him. He ran towards the gunman, dodging the first few waves of gunfire. The crowd was in shock that he had already gotten past the 10 meter-line so quickly. As the game progressed, the gunman began to reload quicker and fire more bullets. Eventually at very close range, Kirito remarked that the gunman had ran out of bullets. However, the gunman started firing laser beams from his gun as a last resort, but Kirito managed to jump high over the beams and tagged the gunman, winning the game and the 302,000 credit reward. The crowd went into shock after this performance and Sinon asked Kirito how he managed to dodge all the bullets, even without the Bullet Lines towards the end. Kirito then explained that the goal of the game was to "anticipate the prediction lines".

Kirito imitating Vertical Square in GGO

Kirito imitating Vertical Square

Sinon and Kirito then returned to the market. Sinon walked him through all the different weapons, none of which really appealed to him. Kirito then spotted a photon sword in the game, though Sinon explained the its downfall was that the only way to inflict any damage was to get extremely close to the opponent. Kirito still bought a black Kagemitsu G4 photon sword for about 150,000 credits, due to not having much experience with guns. He tried it out by retracing the moves of Vertical Square without the system assist, finding the sword to be much lighter than he had been used to. Out of habit, Kirito attempted to sheath it behind his back but soon realised his mistake.

Kirito and Sinon in the firing range

Sinon explaining the mechanics of the Bullet Circle

Under Sinon's advice, he also bought an FN Five-Seven pistol, bullets, and armor. They then went to a shooting range to practice firing. Since Kirito had never shot a gun before, Sinon decided to point out that the circle Kirito was looking at was the offensive assist system, called a Bullet Circle, and that if he were to shoot at that moment, the bullet could end up hitting anywhere in the circle. Kirito asked how to improve the accuracy of the gun, to which Sinon replied that he could either get closer to the target or by staying calm, thus reducing his heart rate. Kirito tried to hit the target, but missed, thus Sinon explained that it was not that easy to hit a target.

Kirito and Sinon on the buggy

Kirito and Sinon using a buggy

After the two were done shopping and left the store, Sinon noticed that they only had 10 minutes until the Bullet of Bullet registration would be closed. While running to the registration, Kirito noticed a place to rent a buggy and quickly drove one towards the registration area with Sinon. Sinon asked him how he had become so good at driving, because most players were not able to drive the buggies, much less a girl, to which Kirito replied that he had played racing games before, even though the truth was that he had experience by driving his own motorbike. The episode ended with Sinon and Kirito racing towards the registration desk.



Sword Skill ImitationsEdit

Adaptation NotesEdit

Adapted from Volume 5 Chapter 6
  • The scene where the buyer asked for Kirito's accumulated game time was omitted. The mechanic regarding "business cards" within the game was also omitted.
  • The scene in the firing range was not part of the original story.[1]
  • A robotic NPC brought the Photon Sword to Kirito, instead of a saleswoman.
  • Kirito's inner comments explaining his technique against the gunman were omitted.


  • Kagemitsu's stats include bullet rounds, despite the fact that a Photon Sword is not capable of firing bullets.
  • On the terminal for the Untouchable! game and when renting the buggy, the word "paid" was misspelled as "paied".
    • This is corrected in the BD/DVD version.



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