The Sword Dance of Black and White (黒と白の剣舞, Kuro to Shiro no Kenbu?) is the eighth episode of the Sword Art Online anime adaptation, as well as the eighth episode in the Aincrad Arc. It aired on August 25, 2012.


Nearly two years have passed since the launch of Sword Art Online. On October 17, 2024; while returning through the forest from the 74th Floor Labyrinth, after defeating a Lizardman Lord, Kirito, a solo player, spotted the rare Ragout Rabbit. After successfully slaying the beast and obtaining its dropped item, the famous S-Rank ingredient Ragout Rabbit's Meat, Kirito headed to Agil’s shop in the 50th Floor's main city, Algade, to sell the item. Agil wondered why he wanted to sell the item, which is worth no less than 100,000 Cor, as he knew that Kirito had a lot of Cor on him already, but Kirito told him that his cooking skill was not high enough to properly cook the meat, thus he would just ruin the meat by cooking it and he did not know anyone who could cook it.

Give me half


Coincidentally, Asuna, the vice-commander of the «Knights of the Blood», arrived to the shop to inform Kirito about the upcoming boss battle and, after being asked about her cooking skill, she informed the duo that she had «Completed» it already. She was shocked upon seeing the rare item, but agreed to cook the meat for Kirito at her house under the condition that he gave her half the meat. Agil tried to persuade Kirito to let him savor some of the meat since they were friends, but Kirito instead told him that he would write him a two-page report on the taste of the meat. After leaving Agil’s shop, Asuna told her Knights of the Blood bodyguard, Kuradeel, that she would be leaving for the day, however he was unhappy with the idea due to Kirito having a "suspicious" look on him. After a moment, Kuradeel recognized Kirito as a Beater and launched his anger and insulted him. Disgusted at Kuradeel's actions, Asuna refused to hear another word from him and left with Kirito.

Asuna's persuasion

Asuna "persuading" Kirito to party with her.

The duo then headed to Asuna's house on the 61st Floor's main city, Selmburg. While Kirito relaxed and watched the chef in action, Asuna prepared the meal with the Ragout Rabbit's Meat, though she described cooking in SAO to be too simple and "boring". After enjoying the gourmet rabbit stew simulated by the Taste Reproduction Engine, Kirito and Asuna discussed how the players had started getting used to their new daily lives in the SAO world. Asuna then tried to get Kirito to start fighting in a group, but Kirito resisted, saying that other players would be more of a hindrance to him. Asuna persuaded Kirito into partnering with her again after so long so that she could reevaluate his swordsmanship. Kirito was reluctant but still accepted Asuna's offer in the end after she threatened him repeatedly with a butter knife, and they parted ways for the night.

Asuna slaps Kirito

Asuna hitting Kirito for touching her.

At 9:00 in the morning, a tired Kirito waited for Asuna at their designated meeting place in the 74th Floor main city, Kamdet. Asuna then suddenly appeared from the Teleport Gate and accidentally bumped into Kirito, resulting in him accidentally groping Asuna's left breast while trying to get her off him, causing her to send him flying across the field. Asuna revealed that she was trying to get away from Kuradeel, who then emerged from the Teleport Gate, prompting Asuna to hide behind Kirito.

Kuradeel vs Kirito duel

Kuradeel challenges Kirito to a 1-on-1 duel.

Kuradeel was greatly displeased with Asuna’s latest actions and wanted her to return to the KoB headquarters. However, Kirito intervened, and this angered Kuradeel, who then challenged Kirito to a duel in order to prove that he was stronger than him. Kirito picked the first-strike option, and Kuradeel launched the first attack, but Kirito easily won the duel by using «Sonic Leap» on Kuradeel's weapon's weak spot, effectively breaking it and causing it to dissolve into polygons. Kuradeel then pulled out a dagger and tried to attack Kirito again, but Asuna disarmed Kuradeel and ordered him to return to their base in Granzam, relieving him of guard duty, much to his anger and dismay. She apologized to Kirito and then they both left to explore the Labyrinth of the 74th Floor. Meanwhile, PoH, the leader of the Laughing Coffin guild left the watching crowd.

The Gleam Eyes

The demon-like boss «The Gleam Eyes».

While mapping the 74th Floor Labyrinth, Kirito witnessed Asuna’s swordsmanship in their battles against the monsters and thoroughly recognized how she earned the title of «Flash». They soon came across an eerie looking door and realized that behind the door was the boss of the floor. They took a peek inside with Teleport Crystals on hand. Inside they find the demon-like boss of the 74th Floor: «The Gleam Eyes».

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Adaptation NotesEdit

Adapted from Volume 1 Chapters 1, 5,6,7 and 9
  • In the novel, when Asuna enters Agil's shop, she has two escorts (one is Kuradeel, the other is unnamed). In the Anime, only Kuradeel is her escort.
  • Kirito only showed surprise when Asuna said that she had completed her Cooking skill in the anime. In the novel, Kirito thought that she was an idiot for spending so much time leveling up a skill that was not important for a fighter, as maxing a skill was an extremely tedious task.
  • In the novel, Kuradeel did not take out a second weapon when dueling with Kirito and also made a comment of wanting to kill Kirito. Kuradeel also said "I resign." to end the duel.
  • In the novel, Kuradeel used a Teleport Crystal to return to Granzam, while in the anime, he used the Teleport Gate.
  • Kirito and Asuna's near encounter with the Battalion from «The Army» along the way to the dungeon was omitted.
  • It is revealed in A Murder Case in the Area that orange players cannot enter town areas, as they would be attacked by the city's guards. Despite PoH having an orange cursor, he was somehow able to watch the duel between Kirito and Kuradeel in the safe area of Kamdet. This is possibly a developer oversight, though it's also likely that PoH cleared his "Orange Player" status after Laughing Coffin's collapse, as indicated possible in The Black Swordsman.


  • The Sword Skill «Sonic Leap» was portrayed as an upwards slanted slash, which is inconsistent with the skill's pre-motion and the skill's description.


  1. Only the first move of the skills was shown.


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