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NonCanonAlert Non Canon: Some or all events and details given in this section/article, may be considered non-canon to the main story.
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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (ソードアート・オンライン -ホロウ・フラグメント-, Sōdoāto Onrain -Horō Furagumento-?) is an upcoming Role-Playing Game (RPG) developed by Namco Bandai Games for the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) as the second game adaption on console for the series. It is set in an alternative Sword Art Online storyline, just like Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. The game will be released on April 24, 2014.[1] It is rated "C" based on CERO rating, which means it is "for Ages 15 and up".[2]


Hollow Fragment Story 4
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The game is divided into two parts: the first is the "floor clearing" chapter, which is basically the previous game, Infinity Moment, embedded into this game, and alongside that there is a new "Hollow Area" chapter, which includes parts that allow multiplayer gaming and has some new stories, as described below officially, which involves «Laughing Coffin» and a new orange player character, Philia.









Its gameplay system is similar to the Infinity Moment's gameplay system. However, a burst gauge, which allows continuous attacks as long as the player has enough burst energy left, was added to its battle system. Also, the system allows each player to create their own non-player character to battle alongside with, as well as linking up with a maximum of 4 other players who are playing the game on the PlayStation Vita to play the game simultaneously, allowing players to form their own raid teams. A region, called Hollow Area, that was added to the game is designated for such multiplayer gameplay.


Hollow AreaEdit

The region consists of six areas, as shown in the map.
Hollow Area Map
Full view of Hollow Area.
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  • Detonator the Kobold Lord
  • The Hollowreaper
  • Amedi Star The Queen
  • The Shadow Phantasm
  • The Genocide Eyes
  • All Infinity Moment bosses

Content InheritanceEdit

Infinity MomentEdit

  • The player's skill proficiency and skill points: a certain value of proficiency point can be carried over. The proficiency portion of skill points can be possessed.
  • The player's character's skill combination (learn/palette): will be reset, but some skill points would be given.
  • The player's character's equipment and belongings: only those equipped will be transferred.
  • Other players' AI info: inherited directly
  • Heroines' AI info: inherited directly
  • Gallery: inherited directly
  • Remains heart: the possessed portion will be inherited (max. nine)
  • Bonus obtained from clearance of the previous game: if users transferred from a cleared game save, an accessory would be given.[4]



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  1. As stated on the game's official homepage
  4. 【ソードアート・トゥデイ】前作『インフィニティ・モーメント』からのデータ引き継ぎ内容が判明&キリトを取り巻くキャラクターを紹介


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