Sword Art Offline Two Episode 01 (そーどあーと・おふらいん つー その1, Sōdo Āto Ofurain Tsū Sono 1?) is the first episode of the Sword Art Offline Two extra series that was bundled with limited edition version Blu-ray Discs and DVDs of the second season of the anime. This episode is anchored by Asuna and Kirito, with Lisbeth and Silica as the episode's special guests.


News HeadlineEdit

Asuna announced that Behemoth, the veteran player who uses a minigun and was said to have never been defeated in a team, was brought down by a sniper named Sinon. She continued by saying that the minigun has extraordinary firepower, which surpasses most weapons and, if supported by his allies, makes Behemoth nearly impossible to defeat. She stated that the one who brought him down was Sinon, who showed her incredible guts by fighting on even after losing one of her legs. Asuna then continued by saying that Sinon was already quite well known for her prowess as a sniper and her fame exploded after defeating Behemoth. Asuna then claimed that with Sinon's cool looks and demeanor, her popularity was bound to keep on rising.

After the opening animation, Asuna introduced Silica and Lisbeth, the guests of this episode, and together with Kirito, discussed about Sinon. Both Silica and Lisbeth agreed that she was cool that she was able to defeat Behemoth, but Lisbeth brought up the point that Sinon was a girl and continued her idea by claiming that there was no one who could be described as cool in their group. This led to her asking what Kirito thought about Sinon and puzzled. When Kirito answered that he wanted to avoid Sinon if possible, Lisbeth inquired why. Kirito explained that he was a swordsman and although he had to deal with long-range magic spells, Sinon would able to shoot him from over a kilometre away. Moreover, the speed of a bullet was too fast for one's eyes and each shot was able to take a person out instantly, thus he did not wish to even consider fighting against such offense. Hearing his explanation, Lisbeth asked Asuna if she was glad that Kirito could only think about games and Asuna replied that she was not sure if it was something that she should be happy about, but claimed that it was better than him thinking about other girls. At that moment, Silica prompted Asuna to continue to the next segment.

Sword Art TriviaEdit

Yui explained the backstory of Gun Gale Online (GGO) by revealing that a great war ravaged the Earth in the past and caused the collapse of civilisation. Seed ships that had been sent out beforehand later returned and the crew of those ships now lived on Earth again. She continued by stating that SBC Glocken was one of the ships that returned from space and that the world was very science fiction-like, unlike Aincrad and Alfheim.

Playback Corner Edit

The segment began with a clip where Asuna and Kirito were together and their clothes were of the same colours as the ones they wore in Sword Art Online (SAO). Silica commented that they both got along well and Lisbeth followed by stating that she could understand how Asuna's clothes having the same colours as her outfit in SAO was a coincidence, but Kirito always wears black and so the odds of such a coincidence were rather high. Kirito immediately replied that it was not true that he always wears black and claimed that he had plenty of clothes that were not black. Asuna added that she did not remember ever seeing Kirito wear anything other than black. Lisbeth ended with saying that they should take him shopping and get him new clothes and that would also be a great excuse to take him on a date which Asuna thanked her for the idea.

The next clip showed the battle Sinon's party had against Behemoth. Kirito mentioned that the guns in GGO are classified into two types, one being optical guns, which are like laser guns that are light, have a long firing range and are generally more accurate, but have a huge weakness - a Defense Field could negate a large amount of damage. The other type of guns are live ammunition guns which are similar to real life guns, fire actual projectiles and, compared to optical guns, they deal more damage per shot, thus they are able to rip through Defense Fields, but the user has to carry a large amount of ammunition and the projectiles are affected by wind and humidity, making it very difficult and skill-reliant to land long-distance shots. Kirito summed up that optical guns should be used on monsters which do not have Defense Fields, while life ammunition guns should be used on players.

The next clip was about Behemoth using his minigun. Lisbeth commented about the firepower and Silica added that one would be helpless against such an attack. Kirito stated that it was a GE M134 Minigun, an automatic minigun that can fire 7.62mm rounds up to 100 times per second. He also stated that in the real world, it was usually mounted on a helicopter or on a truck and was not something that anyone could carry with their hands. Moreover, even in-game the combined weight of the gun and ammunition exceeded 40kg. Surprised, Lisbeth exclaimed that no one would be able to walk properly with it. Kirito then added that Behemoth puts a lot of his stats points into his strength, but due to the equipment, his movement and speed are decreased, but despite that, his firepower and range are astounding.

The next clip was about Kirito being examined by Nurse Aki, who took care of his rehabilitation after SAO. He added that his body was still not in top condition and that Nurse Aki was just asking him to put on some more weight. Asuna added that the doctor asks her to eat more, but she still has not been able to eat much.

Sword Art Trivia Edit

Yui explained that Sinon's gun is an anti-material sniper rifle suited for long range engagements. Its official designation is the PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II with an effective range of well over 1 kilometre and that it was capable of ripping through armoured vehicles and concrete walls. The sniper's firepower was so great that it was often frowned upon to fire the gun directly at personnel out in the open.

Problem Solving Corner Edit

Asuna explained that the purpose of this segment was to help solve problems that the characters of Sword Art Online Two face everyday and they would be helping with problems that the viewers sent in, meaning that they could also get questions from people that they did not know. This week's client was a girl, referred to as S-san. Her problem was that she had to deal with monsters flipping up her skirt and that she was scared that someone might see up her skirt. Asuna commented that it was a serious problem and Silica comments that the monster was horrible and that she would slice it up. This prompted Lisbeth to ask why Silica was so passionate about the problem. After Kirito asked for more details about the problem, Asuna informed them that they received a footage of the problem. The footage showed a monster hanging Silica upside-down. Embarrassed, Silica scratched Kirito up to prevent him from seeing what was going on.


Asuna asked Silica and Lisbeth for their opinions on the episode and they commented that it was fun to talk with each other again. Kirito commented that he was put through a lot of pain in the past, but this episode was not as bad as he expected, so he would be happy if they could all keep their abuse to this level.

Roles Edit

  • Asuna - Anchor
  • Kirito - Commentator
  • Lisbeth - Guest
  • Silica - Guest


  • Zaskar


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