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The «Squad Jam» (スクワッド・ジャム, Sukuwaddo Jamu?) is a recurring team free-for-all tournament in Gun Gale Online that is only available on the Japanese server.[1] The first tournament was sponsored by a gun action novelist[1], while the second tournament had an anonymous sponsor.[2]

The first Squad Jam was held on February 1, 2026.[1] Unlike the Bullet of Bullets, the first Squad Jam did not have preliminaries and was not broadcast on MMO Stream, although the tournament could be watched in-game.[1] The second Squad Jam began on April 4, 2026 at 13:00.[2] The preliminaries for the second tournament were held the day before the main tournament, on April 3, 2026.[2][3]


The tournament was inspired by the third Bullet of Bullets, during which Kirito and Sinon formed a team. Amazed by their teamwork, a novelist who watched the tournament contacted Zaskar, the company managing the game, and offered to sponsor a team tournament in the game. Zaskar agreed to host such a tournament, which the novelist dubbed Squad Jam, on the Japanese server.


The rules for the Squad Jam tournament were based on the rules for the Bullet of Bullets, thus there are some similarities between the rules of the two tournaments. One of such similarities is that all participating teams are teleported to the tournament field at least 1,000 metres away from each other. Additionally, the field for the tournament features a variety of terrain, both advantageous and disadvantageous. Furthermore, the participants may bring any weapon they please, including guns, explosives and knives, and may freely use the vehicles found in the field. Another similarity is that the corpses of dead players remain on the field with a "dead" tag, with no random drops occurring, during the tournament. Finally, a satellite scan is performed at fixed intervals throughout the tournament and players may use their Satellite Scan Terminals to see the location of other participants during the scan.[1]

However, unlike the Bullet of Bullets, only teams of two to six people may register for the Squad Jam, though team members are not protected from friendly fire. Additionally, participants may bring communication devices, but may not communicate with dead players or anyone outside the field. A big difference from the Bullet of Bullets is that players who die during the Squad Jam are teleported outside the field after ten minutes, rather than having to wait for the tournament to end to leave. Furthermore, the satellite scan takes place every ten minutes, instead of every fifteen, as it was in the Bullet of Bullets. Another important difference is that only the position of the team leader is displayed on the satellite scan map, while the positions of any other team member, as well as the name of the team, are not displayed. Finally, only the team leader has the right to surrender and the surrender of the team leader is regarded as the surrender of the team.[1]

If the leader of a team is killed during the tournament, the next highest-ranking member of the team assumes the position of the team leader. As the first Squad Jam did not have any preliminaries, all twenty-three teams that registered before the deadline entered the tournament.[1] Starting with the second tournament, preliminaries were held to reduce the number of participants to thirty teams; however, the leaders of the top five teams in the previous tournament were given the privilege of being seeded from the preliminaries.[2][3]


For the first tournament, the winning team received a signed set of twenty books written by the novelist sponsor.[3]

For the second tournament, the winning team received an assorted set of twenty assault rifles, the runner-ups received a set of ten submachine guns, and the third-ranked team received a set of ten pistols. All participants were awarded with free ammunition.[3]

Squad Jam ParticipantsEdit

1st Squad JamEdit

Rank Abbreviation Full name Members
1[4] LM[5] LLENN[5] (Leader), M[5]
2[4] SHINC[5] 新体操クラブ
(Shintaisou Club)[2]
Anna[6], Eva (Leader)[7], Rosa[6], Sophie[6], Tanya[6], Tohma[6]
3[3] MMTM[3] Memento Mori[3] Bolt[8], Jake[9], Kenta[10], Lax[8], Samon[10], and unnamed leader
ZEMAL[5] 全日本マシンガンラバーズ
(Zen-Nihon Machine Gun Lovers)[11]

2nd Squad JamEdit

Rank Abbreviation Full name Members
LF[3][† 1] LLENN[3] (Leader), Fukaziroh[3]
SHINC[3][† 1] 新体操クラブ
(Shintaisou Club)[2]
Anna[6], Eva (Leader)[7], Rosa[6], Sophie[6], Tanya[6], Tohma[6]
MMTM[3][† 1] Memento Mori[3] Bolt[8], Jake[9], Kenta[10], Lax[8], Samon[10], and unnamed leader
PM4[3] Pitohui[3], M[3] and four unnamed members
T-S[12] Six unnamed members[12]
6th[13] KKHC[8] 北の国ハンターズクラブ
(Kita no Kuni Hantāzu Kurabu)[14]
Shirley[8] and four unnamed men[14]
7th[12] ZEMAL[8] 全日本マシンガンラバーズ
(Zen-Nihon Machine Gun Lovers)[11]
ZAT[8] 散切り頭の友
(Zangiri Atama no Tomo)[8]
Benjamin, Casa, Frost, Koenig, Yamada and one unnamed member[8]
NSS[8] New Soldiers[8]


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Seeded from the preliminaries



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