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Selka Zuberg (セルカ・ツーベルク, Seruka Tsūberuku?) is an apprentice to Sister Azariya and is Alice Zuberg's sister. She is capable of using Sacred Arts and lives at Rulid Village's church with the orphans. She dislikes how she is constantly compared to her sister Alice. She takes care of Kirito upon his return to Underworld.


Selka moved into the church when she was ten and started studying the Sacred Arts all day, feeling that she had to fill in Alice's place after she was taken away. But no matter how hard she tried, Selka could not match Alice's ability. Ever since Selka moved into the church she had never once gone back to her parents' house. Although she was of similar age to all the orphans living in the church she took care of them and helped with worship and meals.



Selka in her priest outfit.

Selka is described as a young girl with tea coloured hair and eyes of the same color. During the day, she wears a slightly oversized black habit with a white collar and has her hair braided into a ponytail  During the night, after bathing she changes into a cotton nightgown, does her hair up into three tails and puts on a headband.


Alicization ArcEdit

Alicization BeginningEdit

Selka showed Kirito around the church and also showed him to the guest room where he would be sleeping. She confirmed that he knew how to use the lamp before leaving. The next day Selka awakened Kirito, saying he would be late for worship. Selka was surprised when Kirito started taking off his shirt to get changed so she quickly told him to wash his face before leaving the room.

That night, when Selka went to check the bath, and found Kirito using it, so she asked him to unplug the stopper and turn off the lamp after he had finished. Before Selka left Kirito said that he wanted to ask her something; so she told him that she would be waiting in his room as the people in hers are sleeping.

When Kirito entered the room Selka handed him a glass of liquid that he initially thought was nectar. Selka corrected him and revealed that it was an elixir made by priests that could recover any Life lost due to illness or injuries. Selka them revealed him that it was forbidden for her to enter a boy's room after bathing but since this was a guest room it did not count, although Sister Azariya would have still scolded her if she discovered this. Kirito apologized and then asked about her sister. Selka started trembling but claimed she did not have an older sister. In response, Kirito revealed to her that Eugeo had informed him about Alice. They continued talking and Selka explained how everyone seemed to have forgotten about Alice and how Eugeo never smiled anymore. She then says people kept comparing her to Alice, but she could not even remember what her sister looked like. When the bell tower rang 9 o'clock Selka got up and started walking to the door, but she turned around and asked if Kirito knew why Alice was taken away. After she learnt from Kirito that Alice had touched the Land of Darkness, Selka left the room.

The next day was a rest day and so Selka left to go the cave at the Edge of the Human Empire without telling anyone. She traveled there knowing that she could not mimic her sister's actions but hoped to get a glimpse of the Dark Territory to help her understand why Alice broke the Taboo Index. While in the cave, Selka encountered a pack of goblins that captured her with the intent of selling her in the Dark Territory. She was knocked unconscious and, when she awoke, she saw Kirito who asked her to help Eugeo who was dying. He asked Selka to use her Sacred Arts to heal him and managed to convince her to help. Selka used a Sacred Art to transfer «Life» from Kirito to Eugeo. They managed to heal Eugeo and Kirito carried him on his right shoulder while returning back to the village with Selka.

Later, when the celebrations for Eugeo completing his Sacred Task were underway, Selka dragged Kirito back to his room and handed him a glass of water, as he had had a little too much to drink and was starting to be affected by the alcohol. The two then talked about Eugeo leaving the village before Kirito kissed Selka on the forehead, saying that he would bring Alice back to Rulid Village.

Alicization InvadingEdit

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Two years later, when Alice returned to the village with a comatose Kirito but was denied the chance to live there, Selka disregarded the opinion of her father by approaching Alice and introducing her to the elderly Garitta, who helped Alice build a new home in a nearby forest.

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