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«Savage Fulcrum» (サベージ・フルクラム, Sabēji Furukuramu?) is a heavy, 3-hit, One-Handed Sword category Sword Skill in Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online, and Project Alicization.


«Savage Fulcrum» begins with a right to left[1] (left to right if using one's left hand[2]) horizontal slash. The user then rotates the sword by 90 degrees and performs a vertical slash from bottom to top.[3] Finally, the user unleashes a full-powered vertical slash from top to bottom.[3] The combined trajectory of the skill is similar to the Arabic number "4".[1] The skill is effective against large type monsters.[3]

This skill is activated by putting one's sword at the waist and then twisting one's body to the right[1] (left if left-handed[4]). In New ALfheim Online, the skill has a damage property of 50% Physical and 50% Ice.[3]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 8, Calibur, Part 3 SII Episode 16 This is the second skill that Kirito chained in against the Golden Minotaurus.
Volume 10, Chapter 4, Part 4 Kirito uses this skill while testing out the capabilities of his new sword.


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  2. 2.0 2.1 Only in SAO and ALO
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