Sacrifice refers to a high-ranked Darkness-element spell in ALfheim Online.


As the spell is chanted, a complicated sphere of the Words of Power surrounds the caster.[1] The circle, having increased to a gigantic size, begins turning on its axis while wrapping around anything or anyone within a wide area around the caster. As soon as the incantation is completed, the complex pattern of light condenses in an instant, resulting in a gigantic explosion, along with a blinding flash and a sound that seems as though it would crush heaven and earth. The explosion annihilates anyone and anything (likely aside from boss monsters) caught in the blast radius, including the spell's caster. Additionally, the caster suffers a death penalty several times worse than that of a normal death, thus practically no one dares to use the spell.[2]


Ek[3] kalla[3] svartr[4] tjúgari,[5] hverfa[4] himni,[4] brott[3] regin,[4] gapa[4] Niðafjoll[† 1][5]

黒き破壊者よ来たれ(エック・カッラ・スヴァルト・トゥガーリ)天を落とし(ベルファ・ヒムン)神々を遠ざけ(ブロット・レギン)地獄の門を開け(ガーパ・ニーザフォール)[† 2][6][7]


Ekku karra suvaruto tugāri, berufa himun, burotto regin, gāpa nīzafōru.[9]

I call the Black Destroyer, [make the] heavens fall, [cast] away the gods, open the gates of Hell.[10]

I call the Black Destroyer, [make the] stars fall, cast away the gods, open the gates of Hell.[10]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 4, Chapter 8 Episode 23 Recon used this spell to annihilate a large number of Guardian Knights inside the World Tree.


  1. Niðafjöll are mountains in the northern underworld from which the dragon Níðhöggr comes in Norse mythology. In this spell, it literally means "gates of hell".
  2. Kanji and hiragana is only a Japanese translation of the Words of Power. Only the katakana is the actual incantation.


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