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A «Roaring Wolf» (ロアリング・ウルフ, Roaringu Urufu?) is a beast-type monster found in the Forest of Wavering Mists on the 3rd Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online.


A Roaring Wolf is a wolf with a brilliant yellow mane from head to back, a long, slender snout, and a two metre-long body.[1]


Once a Roaring Wolf's Hit Points are reduced to half of its maximum value, the wolf howls, drawing more wolves to the area.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

Concerto of Black and WhiteEdit

Kirito and Asuna encountered a Roaring Wolf on their way to Zumfut from the Dark Elf Base. The wolf tensed up and pounced midcharge at Kirito. As One-Handed Sword skills were unsuitable for anti-air attacks, Kirito used the Martial Arts technique «Gengetsu» to counter the wolf's attack, reducing the wolf's Hit Points to eighty percent. Before either the wolf or Kirito landed, Asuna charged at the wolf with «Parallel Sting», causing the beast's Hit Point bar to fall into the yellow zone and triggering its howl. It took nearly ten minutes for the pair to defeat the summoned pack of wolves.