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Ring of Angel's Whisper

Ring of Angel's Whisper

Item Information

Accessory; ring



The «Ring of Angel's Whisper» (天使の指輪(リング・オブ・エンジェルズウィスパー), Ringu Obu Enjeru Zuuisupā?) is the reward for completing the «Angel's Ring» quest in Sword Art Online and later in New ALfheim Online.


Although the ring doesn't raise the user's stats, it has a special magical ability that allows the user to send a voice message to a registered friend once a month via the ring.


Aincrad ArcEdit

The Fourteenth AutumnEdit

Kirito gives this ring as a gift to Silica on her 14th birthday on the October 4, 2024, as Silica sent him messages often and he felt that it must have been tough for her to think of what to write to him each time. However, Silica never had the chance to use the ring since the game was cleared approximately a month later, on the 7th of November.

New AincradEdit

Girls OpsEdit

After the release of New Aincrad in New ALfheim Online, Silica, Lisbeth and Leafa set out to complete the «Angel's Ring» quest to obtain this ring because they believe that the item's effect is romantic.


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