Retrieve Arrow (リトリーブ・アロー, Ritorību Arō?) is a common, bow user exclusive[1] spell in ALfheim Online.


Once the incantation is completed, the caster's arrow is wrapped in a white light.[1] Such an arrow leaves behind a silvery thread, which can then be used to pull the arrow back, along with anything that the arrow hit.[1] The spell is convenient for pulling something out of reach, but it is only used for short distances, as the thread attached to the arrow distorts its trajectory.[1]


Ek skýt aftur ör[2]


I shoot a retrieving arrow.[3]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 8, Calibur, Part 5 SII Episode 17 Sinon used the spell to retrieve Excalibur, around 200 meters away from her, as it was falling into the Great Void.


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