RECT Progress logo as seen on the back of the ALO game box.

RECT (レクト, Rekuto?) is the company owned by Yuuki Shouzou. RECT Progress (レクト・プログレス, Rekuto Puroguresu?), RECT's FullDive Division led by Sugou Nobuyuki, took charge of the Sword Art Online servers after Argus went bankrupt due to the SAO incident. They were also known for co-developing the AmuSphere, a much safer console than the NerveGear, and creating ALfheim Online.


Yuuki Shouzou had planned to let Sugou Nobuyuki inherit RECT after marrying Asuna. RECT Progress Inc. originally bought off the technology for VR from Argus in order to make the 2nd VRMMORPG. The company is responsible for the creation of ALfheim Online which the company declared to be "perfectly safe". RECT Progress Inc. had set the 1st main goal of ALfheim Online to reach the top of the World Tree, but was later found to be impossible to complete. It was revealed that the World Tree's actual purpose was to hold the remaining 300 prisoners from SAO as test subjects in inhumane experiments. The 300 prisoners were experimented for research in manipulating memories and emotions.

After Sugou Nobuyuki was arrested and ALfheim Online was suspended, RECT Progress Inc. collapsed from lawsuits and poor publicity, which even affected the main RECT Inc. branch. As a result, Yuuki Shouzou stepped down as CEO and entered a semi-retired state of managing overseas relations of the company, while ALfheim Online was sold to another company.

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  • Although the name of the company is RECT, the company's subsidiaries use RCT as their logo.[1]


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