Purified Surface (ピュリファイド・サーフェス, Pyurifaido Sāfesu?) is a water-element spell in ALfheim Online.


As soon as the incantation of the spell is completed, a faint blue light ripples outwards and much water gushed out, creating a water surface with a diameter close to ten meters before long. The water surface provides players with a HP recovery effect, along with fire and poison resistance. The spell also weakens fire-based monsters that step on the magical water surface.[1]


Ek kalla hreinn brunnr, andask brandr og eitrið[2]

聖なる泉よ現れよ(エック・カッラ・フレイン・ブルヌール)炎と毒の息吹を止める(アンダスク・ブランドー・オーグ・エイトルドー)[† 1][3]

Ekku karra furein burunūru, andasuku burandō ōgu eitorudō[4]

I call out a clean fountain, cease the breath of flame and poison.[5][† 2]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
The Day After, Part 2 N/A N/A Asuna and some other mages used this spell in the battle against Wadjet the Flaming Serpent and its fire elementals.


  1. The kanji and hiragana is only used for the translation of the meaning of the Words of Power. Only the katakana is the actual incantation.
  2. Technically, 聖なる would be "holy", but Reki confirmed that he intended "clean". See


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  3. Kanji, hiragana and katakana given in The Day After.
  4. Romanization of the katakana
  5. Translation of the kanji and hiragana.

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