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«Meteor Fall» (メテオフォール, Meteo Fōru?) is a 2-hit Sword Skill composition of the One-Handed Sword[citation needed] and Martial Arts skills in Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online and Project Alicization.


Before executing «Meteor Fall», the user throws their sword upwards. With their now empty hand, the user executes a smooth, but terribly fast punch, aimed at the target's chest with such a great impact that is able to repel the opponent backwards. Then, the user suddenly makes a big jump forward, brandishing their hand over the head, thus reacquiring their sword, which becomes wrapped in the color of a blinding flame. Finally, the skill is concluded with the user cutting down in a straight line with the sword.[1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Versus N/A Kirito used this skill against Silver Crow during their fight, since his sword would be useless at close range.


  • «Meteor Fall», along with «Meteor Break», are the only known Sword Skills that combines the usage of a sword and unarmed fighting skills and both of the two have "meteor" in the skill's name.
  • Although the punch does not deal a lot of damage, it can be used to create some distance in case the opponent is really close.[1]



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  1. Only in ALO.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Only in SAO and ALO
  3. Only in SAO

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