The «Mate Chopper» (友切包丁(メイトチョッパー), Meito Choppā?, lit. “friend cutting kitchen knife”) is a rare and powerful dagger-class weapon and PoH's primary weapon in Sword Art Online.


The Mate Chopper is a monster-drop[1], likely dropped by a boss-level monster[2], weapon that not even the best weapons created by the highest level craftsmen could match, thus it was called a «demon sword».[1] Due to its power, it said to be able to pass through full plate armour with ease.[1]


Although classified as a dagger, the Mate Chopper is actually more similar to a large Chinese kitchen knife.[1] The weapon is rectangular-shaped and has a blood-red like reddish-black blade.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

A Murder Case in the AreaEdit

On April, 2024, PoH brought the weapon to the Hill of the Cross on the 19th Floor in an ambush on Schmitt, Yolko and Caynz. However, before PoH could use the weapon on Schmitt, he was interrupted by Kirito, who announced that he had brought enough healing items to survive for 10 minutes, as well as having drunk an antidote potion, while a group of clearers had been called in for reinforcement. Thus, PoH and two other Laughing Coffin members had to reluctantly retreat.



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