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Lisbeth SAO

Personal Information
Name (Kanji/Kana) 篠崎里香
Name (Romaji)[?] Shinozaki Rika
Avatar Name (Japanese)[?] リズベット (Rizubetto)
In-Game Name[?] Lisbeth
Age 15 (Beginning of Aincrad arc)
17 (End of Aincrad arc, Fairy Dance arc)
18 (Phantom Bullet arc)
Gender Female
VR Played
  • Blacksmith (SAO)/(ALO)
  • Student
Voiced By (Japanese) Takagaki Ayahi[1]
Voiced By (English) Sarah Anne Williams [2]
First Appearance
Novel Volume 2, Warmth of the Heart
Manga Girls Ops Stage.001
Anime Episode 1 (Cameo)

Episode 7 (Actual Appearance)

Game Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment

Lisbeth (リズベット, Rizubetto?) is one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in «Sword Art Online», where she plays as a blacksmith. She is Asuna's best friend. Her real name is Shinozaki Rika (篠崎里香, Shinozaki Rika?). Her «ALfheim Online» (ALO) avatar is a Leprechaun blacksmith.


Sword Art OnlineEdit

  • Lisbeth during the tutorial.
  • Lisbeth SAO avatar.

Rika's hair color is brown in the real world and used to be of the same color in the first days of SAO, but was later customized to fluffy pink with a white hairpin to keep her bangs out of her eyes. In Sword Art Online, Lisbeth's eyes are dark pink. Her blacksmith uniform looks more like the uniform of a waitress: a dark red top with puffed sleeves and a flared skirt of the same color as well as a pure white apron over that and a red ribbon atop her chest.

Her three sizes are 86, 64, 85

ALfheim OnlineEdit

Lizbeth's ALO Avatar

Lisbeth's avatar in ALO.

Lisbeth's avatar in ALO is similar to her appearance in SAO, she has pink hair and uses a red and white dress. The only difference is that she has pointy ears, and her wings appear to be mechanical as she chose the Leprechaun race. In battle, she wields a one-handed spike mace and a small round shield.


Lisbeth is a very friendly person that can get along with just about everyone she meets. She is hardworking and takes great pride in her abilities as a blacksmith. She will become very defensive and aggressive if someone were to challenge her pride as a blacksmith much like Kirito did after accidentally breaking the best sword she had created. She, also similar to Sinon, has a bad temper and can get somewhat violent, such as when she grabbed Kirito by the collar after he broke one of her best swords.

Lisbeth is very teasing as well, almost always teasing Asuna about her relationship with Kirito despite having feelings for him herself. She cares for Asuna very much, and despite having a chance to tell Kirito how she feels she backed off because she knew that Asuna already had feelings for Kirito, before she met him. She does not hold anything against Asuna, despite being depressed that her friend and Kirito formed a strong relationship.


Aincrad ArcEdit

Warmth of the HeartEdit

Lisbeth's cameo appearance

Lisbeth's first appearance during the tutorial.

Introduced as a self-made blacksmith, Lisbeth built her business from the ground up in Aincrad. She is first seen discussing romance with Asuna at her shop.

Exhausted Lisbeth

Lisbeth shocked at Kirito's unusual ideas.

The next day, Kirito visited her shop in order to purchase a custom sword similar to his current one, the «Elucidator». However, he ended up breaking her best sword while testing the sword's durability with his sword, thus angering her. She then went on a quest with Kirito in order to acquire a Crystallite Ingot, which was rumored to be dropped by a dragon that eats crystals.

Lisbeth smiling

Lisbeth's business smile.

After their quest in the West Mountain where they acquired the Crystallite Ingot, she created the «Dark Repulser» for him and, as payment, became Kirito's personal blacksmith. Although she fell in love with Kirito, she stepped aside because Asuna had become interested in him first and because she felt that she was a better companion to Kirito than herself.

Sound of Water, Sound of HammerEdit

Lisbeth helps Kirito reinforce his +39 Dark Repulser to +40 and was also entrusted to upgrade his +39 «Elucidator» to +40 as well.

November, 2024Edit

After the game being cleared was announced, she realised that only Kirito could have done so and, at the top of her lungs among all the cheers for the game being cleared, she shouted that she loved him and that she swore she would see him again.

Fairy Dance ArcEdit

An irritated Rika and a mad Keiko

An irritated Rika and a mad Keiko.

After the ALO incident, Rika began attending a school established for the survivors of SAO who were still students and made a pact with Ayano Keiko (Silica) that they would give Kazuto (Kirito) and Asuna one month together without interfering before they make their individual moves on him. However, after seeing how close Asuna had gotten with Kazuto, with the two of them having lunch together, the two girls quickly regretted forming the pact. She also began playing ALO as a Leprechaun Blacksmith, along with Kirito, Asuna, and the company.

Extra EditionEdit

On July 25, 2025, Rika joined Asuna and Keiko at the SAO Survivor School to help in teaching Suguha how to swim. During the training, she teased the girls, especially Keiko and Suguha, and commented on their swimsuits and body image, as well as their relations with Kirito. Later she joined Kirito and friends for the «Deep Sea Plunderers» quest in ALO.

Phantom Bullet ArcEdit

Lisbeth and her friends gathered on the night of December 14, 2025 at Asuna's rented house in the new «Yggdrasil City » to watch the «Bullet of Bullets» tournament in Gun Gale Online in which Kirito was participating. She later joined Kirito and the gang at the Dicey Cafe to meet Shino, striking up a conversation about the weapons in GGO that can be used or created.


After aiding Kirito in obtaining Excaliber, Lisbeth was given Mjölnir, Thor's hammer, by Klein, under the condition that she did not reduce it to components.

Mother's RosarioEdit

She appears at the beginning of the story to ask Asuna if she had ever heard of Absolute Sword.


Sword Art OnlineEdit

  • Level: 79
  • Main Equipment:
    • 「Zoringen Hammer」 (Blacksmith's Metal Hammer)
One Handed War Hammer Light Metal Equipment Slash Weapon Forging Thrust Weapon Forging Blunt Weapon Forging
615 / 1000
529 / 1000
923 / 1000
912 / 1000
830 / 1000
Light Metal Armor Forging Heavy Metal Armor Forging Metal Equipment Repairing Metal Refining
846 / 1000
784 / 1000
909 / 1000
877 / 1000


See Lisbeth/Image Gallery


  • Lisbeth's "blacksmith uniform" was actually chosen by Asuna, who said that stiff clothes did not suit her baby face. After Lisbeth started wearing the suggested uniform, her sales jumped twofold, which is why she reluctantly kept wearing it.
  • In the novel, it was said the Lisbeth had blue eyes, instead of pink.
  • In the Blu-ray/DVD package volume 3, the character song CD will feature Lisbeth (Takagaki Ayahi) singing "Cheer! Tear? Cheer!!" as the 4th Character Song for this series.


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  3. Sword Art Online Light Novel: Material Edition 2


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