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Linel (リネル, Rineru?), also known as Linel Synthesis Twenty-Eight (リネル・シンセシス・トゥエニエイト, Rineru Shinseshisu Tuenieito?), is an Integrity Knight, and likely the youngest one, along with Fizel.


Linel has pale light brown hair in two braids, with droopy-looking eyebrows and eye corners. She is described as having a meek expression. She wears an ink-black uniform, identical to Fizel’s. Her uniform has a green belt with short-swords attached close to the length of a dagger, at thirty «cen» (centimeters), with a grip made of reddish wood.


Unlike most children, Linel and Fizel received their Sacred Task at the age of five, instead of ten. Their task was to perform in an experiment by Administrator, where she was partnered with Fizel, along with twenty-eight other children, and forced to kill each other. In these experiments, Administrator would resurrect any child who died, and had them continue the experiment. Side-effects of the experiment included memory loss, and people often returning as "different people", and some just returned as lumps of meat. Linel and Fizel discovered that killing someone in a single hit increased the likelihood of a successful resurrection, so they trained themselves in the proficiency of killing each other cleanly in a single hit, by striking at each other's heart and head.

When only these two were left, Administrator gave up on her experiment, and allowed the girls to choose their next Sacred Task. Both chose to be Integrity Knights, but one of the high-ministers rejected them, so they proved themselves by killing the previous Synthesis Twenty-Eight and Synthesis Twenty-Nine. After doing so, Administrator made them a special case, and allowed them to become Integrity Knight trainees.


Alicization ArcEdit

Alicization RisingEdit

Vol 12 - 195

After hearing that there was an intruder from the Dark Territory, in the Axiom Church, the two decided to prove themselves as real Integrity Knights by killing the intruders themselves, in front of the other Knights. They planned to fool the intruders, Kirito and Eugeo, by pretending to be "sister apprentices" of the Axiom Church. As soon as they came into range, they seemingly poisoned the duo, and dragged them to the 50th floor, from the 29th, while telling them their background.

After arriving at the 50th floor, Linel and Fizel showed the two intruders they had captured to the five knights guarding the floor, and began to argue with Fanatio Synthesis Two. Meanwhile, Kirito, who had managed to figure out what the girls were planning and had chanted a poison countering Sacred Art while Eugeo had been talking to the girls, stealthily approached Linel and Fizel from behind and used their own poisonous blades to paralyze the girls. The two girls were left paralyzed during Kirito's fight with the five Integrity Knights in the room to watch the battle. After the battle, Kirito gave the antidote to Eugeo to cure the girls, after destroying their poisonous blades and checking for anything else suspicious that they might have had.

Gallery Edit


  • In the web novel, Linel was a male Integrity Knight named Ashin Synthesis Thirty-eight.
  • Along with Fizel, Linel is the only known Integrity Knight who was neither a past Four Empires Unity Tournament winner, nor a criminal who had broken the Taboo Index. Because of this, the girls remember their past as humans, and do not have the illusion of having descended from the Celestial World.
  • Unlike most children, Linel was given her Sacred Task at the age of 5, instead of 10.


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