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Konno Yuuki
Personal Information
Name (Kanji/Kana) 紺野木綿季
Name (Romaji)[?] Konno Yuuki
Avatar Name (Japanese)[?] ユウキ (Yuuki)
In-Game Name[?] Yuuki
Epithet «Absolute Sword»
Age 15
Gender Female
VR Played «ALfheim Online»
Affiliation «Sleeping Knights»
Family Konno Aiko (Elder Twin Sister) (Deceased)
First Appearance
Novel Volume 7 Chapter 3

Konno Yuuki (紺野木綿季, Konno Yūki?) was a player in «ALfheim Online». She was the 2nd leader of the «Sleeping Knights» guild, a group of terminally ill patients who played as a form of mental treatment and rehabilitation. She is also known as Absolute Sword (絶剣, Zekken?). She won 67 consecutive duels on the street, including Kirito, although Kirito was only using one sword at that time. She created an 11-hit Original Sword Skill, an incredible feat according to the novel. Kirito stated that her reaction speed was even higher than his and she was much more immersed into virtual reality than he was. She spent her last moments of life while logged on ALO in Asuna's arms, surrounded by her friends and more than a thousand other players.


Prior to becoming known as Yuuki of ALO, Konno Yuuki was a child suffering from "Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome" (AIDS) since birth; her parents, as well as her sister Aiko, were infected too. Despite this, she had always believed that one day she would be healed and continued to strive towards her goals. However, during the course of 4th grade, a group of students found out that Yuuki was a carrier of HIV and began spreading rumors about Yuuki. Because of this, Yuuki was forced to transfer to another school. After transferring to a new school, Yuuki's condition gradually became worse and the reason suspected by her doctor was from the rejection caused by the parents and teachers of her old school. Her parents died two years ago, and her sister the year before the events of Mother's Rosario.


ALfheim Online AvatarEdit

In ALfheim Online, Yuuki's avatar is a slim Imp with milky white with a hint of purple skin, lustrous and gorgeous, long, purplish-black hair, and red eyes.[1] She wears obsidian half-armour, which covers her chest and has a slight bulge, a bluebottle violet blouse and a windswept dress of the same colour beneath the armour.[1] A thin, black sheath hangs on her waist.[1]


Yuuki is a kind of person who is willing to live her life to the fullest even in her critical condition which she dies peacefully in happiness.


Mother's RosarioEdit

Yuuki is first introduced as Absolute Sword, a street swordsman offering an 11-hit Original Sword Skill to the person who defeats her. After fighting through a sixty-seven battle win streak, she is challenged by Asuna. Although Asuna loses, Yuuki is impressed and thus asks Asuna on behalf of everyone in her guild for her help in defeating the floors' boss. Asuna readily agrees. The first attempt at defeating the floor's boss was unsuccessful, but after backup support on the second try, the Sleeping Knights beat the floor. As time progresses, Asuna gets to know Yuuki in the real world. She goes to great lengths to ensure that Yuuki can enjoy the "real" world again by asking Kirito to help her with the technology that he had been developing in school. Yuuki, through Kirito's camera, was able to enjoy the school at the SAO Survivor School. Unfortunately, her condition gradually worsened, but as she slowly died in Asuna's arms, Kirito and many players of ALfheim Online surround her, and she passes away in happiness.


  • High speed reaction
  • 1-handed Sword Skill
    • Mother's Rosario: 11-hit Original Sword Skill

Notable AchievementsEdit

  • Created an 11-Hit Original Sword Skill - Mother's Rosario
  • Took part in the defeat of the 27th-29th floor bosses of New Aincrad
  • Became the 4th ALO champion swordsman
  • First tester of the Medicuboid


See: Konno Yuuki/Image Gallery


  • The name Yuuki (木綿季?) comes from the last two kanji in Crinum (浜木綿, Hamayuu?) and Season (季, Ki?), as Yuuki was born when the Crinums bloomed (July).[2]
  • Yuuki refers to herself using the personal pronoun boku (ボク?), which establishes a sense of masculinity and, thus, charactarises Yuuki as a tomboy.[1]
  • Yuuki also acknowledged Kirito as being as strong a player as Asuna, yet she did not ask for his help because he had discovered her secret as a user of the Medicuboid.
  • Kirito claimed that if Yuuki had played SAO, she would have been the one to receive the Dual Blades skill, as her reaction speed was greater than his.
  • As a Medicuboid user, she was one of the few people who had more playtime than the "survivors from the SAO incident", having logged on for over three years online.
  • She jokingly proposed marriage to Asuna and told her that Asuna would have to join Yuuki's family, because if Yuuki joined Asuna's family she would be named Yuuki Yuuki (Yuuki is also Asuna´s last name).
  • Yuuki is the second person known to have used their real name as their in game name (the first being Asuna).
  • Kirito claimed that, even with Dual Blades, he believed it would have been impossible for him to win against Yuuki.[3]


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