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Kikuoka Seijirou
Personal Information
Name (Kanji/Kana) 菊岡誠二郎
Name (Romaji)[?] Kikuoka Seijirō
Avatar Name (Japanese)[?] クリスハイト (Kurisuhaito)
Gender Male
VR Played «ALfheim Online»
  • Japanese Self-Defense Force
  • Rath
  • Investigator in the «SAO Case Victims Rescue Force» (former)
  • Member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Technology (VR World Division)
  • Lieutenant Colonel of the Self-Defense Force
Voiced By (Japanese) Morikawa Toshiyuki[1]
First Appearance
Novel Volume 5, Chapter 1
Anime Sword Art Online Extra Edition

Kikuoka Seijirou (菊岡誠二郎, Kikuoka Seijirō?) is a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Technology, Second Separated Advanced Network Division, or «Virtual Division»[2]. He uses the handle Chrysheight (クリスハイト, Kurisuhaito?) (formed from the English words «Chrysanthemum» and «Height»[3]) in «ALfheim Online» (ALO)[4]. He supposedly uses this account to get more familiar with VRMMO players, but Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) speculates that the true reason for using this account is to gather information.[3] It is later revealed that Kikuoka is actually a Lieutenant Colonel working at the JSDF who voluntarily transferred over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication for the sake of his plans on Project Alicization.


He was an investigator in the «Sword Art Online Case Victims Rescue Force», and the one who told Kazuto which hospital Asuna was in [2][4]. Though he is stated to be part of the virtual division, Kazuto suspects he is part of the JSDF, after tailing him. He takes advantage of Kazuto's gratitude by using him as an investigator for issues, and uses other people like watchdogs over the VR network.

His skill as a mage in ALfheim Online is acknowledged by General Eugene.

He was also one of the original 1,000 beta testers for the original Sword Art Online. However he did not transfer over to the full version of Sword Art Online because he realized that the technology could be used for more than just military training programs and started working on Project Alicization.[5]


Extra EditionEdit

C933103Added by C933103

Seijirou had the SAO Survivor School set up an emergency counseling session with Kazuto, to his surprise, in order to gather more information regarding the events of SAO, and its aftermath. The game's logs only displayed the locations of players at certain times and, with Kayaba Akihiko's death, Seijirou wanted to hear Kazuto's story. Kazuto, after informing Seijirou that he had to be somewhere later, agreed to tell him everything that happened: from the incidents in SAO, to Kirito's "victory" over Heathcliff, and then explained the situation after he discovered that Asuna, along with 300 other SAO players, was trapped, and how he came to locate her in ALfheim Online (ALO).

Seijirou is later seen calling Kazuto through his cell-phone.

Phantom Bullet ArcEdit

Kikuoka Seijirou made his first appearance at the beginning of the Phantom Bullet arc as an acquaintance of Kazuto, contacting him for advice concerning a troubling matter. He introduced the Death Gun problem, trying to debate on how Death Gun could kill through the tamper-proof, safety conscious AmuSphere. He and Kazuto reasoned that such a feat was impossible, but he convinced Kazuto to investigate for a sizable reward.

After Kirito entered the «Bullet of Bullets» and encountered the Death Gun after the death of Pale Rider, Asuna contacted Kikuoka and got him to log in to ALfheim Online where she interrogated him to find out the true reason behind Kazuto converting his avatar to Gun Gale Online. He, after extreme pressure, revealed everything to Asuna.

In the resolution, he met with Kazuto and Asada Shino for a debriefing of the incident and apologized for the danger. Kazuto also brought up the issue of the dangers that some aspects of VRMMO pose, such as invisibility being a gateway to misbehavior.

Alicization ArcEdit

Alicization RunningEdit

In Alicization Running, it was revealed that he is a Lieutenant Colonel from the Japanese government's Self-Defence Force, and is in charge of Project Alicization. He oversaw its conception and formulation, directing the soul cloning of newborn babies and then the acceleration of the Underworld society.

It was also revealed that he had taken advantage of the «Gun Gale Online Incident» to form a relationship with Kazuto. His true goal was revealed to have been enlisting Kazuto's help for Project Alicization.


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Spoiler Alert! The following pertains to Untranslated, or Non-Released Content!

  • According to the web novel, all of Seijirou's family members died when he was a baby in the 1980s due to an air traffic incident. According to Kirito's memory, one of the proposed causes for the incident was a fighter misfiring a missile (possibly the Japan Airlines Flight 123 incident.)


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