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Horunka Village




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Volume 1 Chapter 3 (not mentioned by name)
Volume 8, The First Day (Actual debut)


Episode 1 (not mentioned by name)

Horunka (ホルンカ , Horunka?) is a settlement on the 1st Floor of Aincrad.


Horunka is a village located to the northwest of Starting City. It consists of ten buildings, including an inn, weapon shop, and tool shop, so it can serve as a hunting base. In its surrounding forest, there are no monsters that spawn around Horunka that cause paralysis or equipment destruction. There are seven private NPC houses, one of which is a two-story building that offers the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» quest.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • «Secret Medicine of the Forest» NPC house


Aincrad ArcEdit

The First DayEdit

Kirito first mentioned the village to Klein after the end of Kayaba Akihiko's tutorial. Kirito was the first to arrive in Horunka and bought a «Leather Coat» before heading to the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» NPC house. After starting the quest, he set off into the forest to the west in search for a «Little Nepent’s Ovule».

Over an hour later, Kirito returned to the NPC’s house to complete the quest, where he was rewarded with the «Anneal Blade». However, he did not feel the mood to swing the sword at the Nepent enemies, and instead followed the quest-giving NPC upstairs. He witnessed the revival of «Agatha», the NPC quest-giver’s daughter, and was later assaulted by a memory of taking care of his younger cousin Suguha in the real world. Kirito broke down on Agatha’s bed, whom comforted Kirito by stroking his hair until he eventually stopped crying.


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  1. only in New ALO
  2. only in the SAO official service
  3. only in the SAO Beta

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