Hollow Body (ホロウ・ボディ, Horou Bodi?) is an unknown element transparency spell in ALfheim Online.


Once «Hollow Body» is activated, the user becomes completely transparent and thus cannot be seen by either players or monsters.

Unlike Concealment, a common Sylph hiding spell, «Hollow Body» allows the user to freely move around without losing the invisibility status[1]. However, like Concealment, Hollow Body only makes the user invisible, but any loud sound may alert players and monsters to the user's presence.[1] However, unlike in the case of Concealment, this does not cancel out the spell, thus players must still use a Searcher spell to find the hidden player.[2]

The spell requires a high level of hiding magic as well as covert action to be mastered to use.[1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 3 Chapter 4 Episode 19 Recon used the spell to secretly follow Sigurd, at first for a chance to poison him for his behaviour to Leafa, but, after noticing Sigurd’s strange behaviour, he ended up following him to the sewers of Swilvane, where he saw him talking to Salamanders. While listening in on the conversation, Recon accidentally kicked a stone and revealed his presence, prompting the Salamanders to cast their Searching spell.


  • Recon once used this spell to sneak into Leafa's room, under the guise of secretly placing a birthday present for her, but after he confessed the truth, Leafa mercilessly punished him nearly to death.[1]


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  2. 2.0 2.1 Only in SAO and ALO
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