«Elucidator» (エリュシデータ, Eryushidēta?) is Kirito's primary weapon in Sword Art Online. This sword is a demonic monster drop from a boss on the 50th Floor[1] that Kirito wields along with «Dark Repulser». It was boosted to +45[2] by Lisbeth out of a maximum of 50.


Elucidator is a pitch black sword with trims of gray and is evenly balanced and quite powerful. It has a black hilt connected to a hand guard that drops down on the right side. Attached to this elongated area of the hand-guard is part of Elucidator's blade so as to better aid the user in retaining their grip on the sword when it is being used. The blade is completely black like the rest of the sword and the said blade is outlined in a light gray. In the design art by the illustrator of the novels, a small cross is emblazoned on the flat of the blade, just beneath the tip.

As the Night Sky Sword was requested to be the same length as the Elucidator, this sword is less than 120 centimeters long.[3]



ELUCIDATOR +0[citation needed]
Long Sword / One Hand[4]

  • Range: Short[4]
  • Type: Slash[4]
  • Attack: 700-710[4]
  • Durability: 1350[4]
  • Weight: 170[4]
  • Requires: 61[4]
  • Equip +50[4]
  • Agility +28[4]
  • Strength +48[4]
  • Armor[4]


Aincrad ArcEdit

Warmth of the HeartEdit

Elucidator was first introduced when Lisbeth checked its name, to find it was not a player made weapon but a boss drop, and Kirito requested a blade of equal quality, hence the Dark Repulser. It was then used to test the strength of Lisbeth's best sword, which broke upon striking Elucidator, which meant this was quite a strong weapon and Kirito has used it quite often.

Sound of Water, Sound of HammerEdit

In this Side Story, Lisbeth successfully upgrades Elucidator to +40.


  • Kirito did not have enough STR to equip this sword immediately after obtaining it.[5]
  • Elucidator was among the items that Kirito inherited in ALfheim Online from his Sword Art Online save data,[6] due to the two games having an identical save format.[7] However, as all the items were corrupted and could have been detected by the system's error detection protocol, Kirito deleted all of them.[7]
  • Kirito chose the length of the Night Sky Sword in the Alicization Arc to be the same as the length of the Elucidator.


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