Warning Spoiler Alert: This article or section contains details about plotlines not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled.

Elite Swordsmen-in-Training (上級修剣士(しゅうけんし), Jōkyū Shū Kenshi?), alternatively called Elite Swordsmen Trainees, are the top 12 second year students at the Sword Mastery Academy in North Centoria in the Underworld. One of their privileges of being the top ranked students in the academy is that they are each assigned a Valet from the top 12 first year students to mentor.   


The Elite Swordsmen-in-Training are selected from among the second years. As they are qualified based on their overall performance, both in literal and practical skills, it is possible for someone who was never a Valet to become one.[citation needed]

Duty and TrainingEdit

Uniform and Living SpaceEdit

Unlike normal Trainees, the Elites may choose the color for their own uniform.


Known Elite Swordsman-in-TrainingEdit


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