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Warning Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plotlines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

A Duel between two players.

Duels are authorized Player vs. Player fights that take place even in safe areas and will not change a player icon from green to orange by killing the opponent.

At the beginning of the duel, the player will have 60 seconds to prepare for the duel. After the 60 seconds end, the duel will start.

Known games that have duels are Sword Art Online and ALfheim Online.


  • The winner and the loser of a duel.
  • The notification message for both the winner and the loser of the duel.

To make a duel a player must send a request to another, the second player must accept and may decide then which type of duel it will be. Once the duel starts, the AREA effect is lifted from the two duelists.

After a duel is concluded, a window that indicates the winner will appear between the participants if they are within 10 meters of each other. If the participants are farther apart at the end of a duel, then two windows will appear at the closest point to both the winner and loser separately.[1]

Notable DuelsEdit

Types of DuelEdit

In Sword Art Online and ALfheim Online, three types of duels exist:[3]

  • Total Loss Mode: Rarely used in SAO, since it will only stop when a player's HP reaches 0, and that will mean permanent death for the loser. This is the one used for Sleep PK.
  • Half Loss Mode: The winner is decided after the other player loses half of their HP. Rarely used in SAO since a critical hit could reduce someone's HP to the danger zone.
  • First Strike Mode: This is the most common, the winner is decided by whoever lands the first clean hit or whittle the opponent's HP to half.


  • In the web version of SAO, during the beta test of SAO, aside from requests, duels could also be conducted without consent by the other party in the fighting arena in the Starting City.



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