A «Drunk Ape» (ドランクエイプ, Doranku Eipu?) is one of the strongest monsters in the «Forest of Wandering» on the 35th Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online.


Drunk Apes are anthropoid beings covered with dark red fur. They each carry a crude club in its right hand and some sort of gourd with a string tied around it in its left hand.


Though they lack speed and multi-hitting combos, Drunken Apes are known to be one of the strongest monsters in the 35th floor. They are capable of causing a formidable amount of damage with the use of low-level mace skills and are also capable of healing themselves by drinking some healing liquid from their gourd, making them a difficult opponent if they attack in groups.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

The Black SwordsmanEdit

Drunken Ape3

A Drunk Ape about to kill Silica.

Several Drunk Apes attacked the lost Silica in the Forest of Wandering. The Drunk Apes quickly overpowered the female player due to their number and healing abilities and killed her Tamed Monster, Pina. Distraught and grieving due to the death of her beloved pet, Silica attacked the apes and managed to kill one but was still outnumbered. At the last second, Kirito arrived and killed the remaining Drunk Apes, saving the thirteen year old Dragon Master.



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